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    Oct 24, 2011
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    Questions about bookmarking demon, for someone who understands bookmarking well (paging scritty).

    First, what are your thoughts on creating accounts using domain email addresses? For example, user1atmydomaindotcom, user2atmydomaindotcom, user3atmydomaindotcom, etc. Does it even matter, or is this something that is likely to create a massive footprint? I certainly prefer this method over buying emails, or worse, having to create them with a free email provider.

    Secondly, is it more effective for SEO purposes to bookmark RSS feeds or individual pages? Does it make a difference?

    Also, do you bother pinging your bookmarks after submitting them?

    Lastly, ever since I bought the software a few weeks ago, I notice that I've been unable to post to a number of the main sites, namely digg and reddit, amongst others such as bizsugar, xomba, fark... Anybody else having issues, or is this likely a problem on my end?

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    It depends on how spammy your bookmarks are. I personally prefer just to use the free providers.

    Both. Who said it was an either or? Most feeds/bookmarks don't get crawled in the big G because they have no links. Backlinks to your backlinks = more power + indexing.

    Yes. 2nd Tier only though. Too many direct pings to your site is a dangerous line to walk.

    BMD success rate is getting progressively worse. You're not the only one noticing it.

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