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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by hugmold, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. hugmold

    hugmold Registered Member

    Apr 21, 2010
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    I am too angry that I must make a thread to tell everyone my experience as an affiliate in bluesnap.
    I have been affiliate of bluesnap (called plimus before) since 2010. I was happy working with it until this Sep.

    In the mid of Sep I received payment of Aug, I found that bluesnap hold over $800 of my $2000 commissions,
    said because of my high refund rate (about 10 to 20% usually), to prevent my account balance to go negative. Ok, I was fine
    with it, just hoping you will release it to me in 1 or 2 months. On Oct, they continued to do that, added $200 of
    my $800 commissions to reserve, so total a bit over $1000. I feel unhappy with that and in 10 Nov sent an email
    asking when will they release the reserved amount to me, I was shocked they said they would hold it for 3 months, or up to
    6 months.

    And this is not the worse thing. I have stopped promoting the offers in bluesnap because I have some problem with my
    traffic source since the end of Oct. That representative of bluesnap told me that becasue I have no sales, to prevent my account
    balance from going to negative, not only will they release any of the $1000 reserved, they will also hold all my commissions made
    on Oct, which is about $800. So they are now holding me about $1800 in total. And since I stopped promoting on Oct, there is no
    more refund for over 20 days, and now bluesnap is afraid I will have more than 50 refunds to bring my account balance to zero.
    Isn't it ridiculous?

    I have worked with many affiliate networks, and never seen one that would hold so much amount of affiliate's commission for such reasons.
    So guys stay away from bluesnap if you want your hard earned commissions not getting paid.
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