Bluehost and Wordpress Connection

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    Hey guys

    I am very confused can someone please clarify the following question?

    Im new to all this so please bear with me.. I bought a domain through godaddy and I mapped it in my free wordpress account. That is all fine.

    Then because I want a self hosted website, I signed up with bluehost, and installed wordpress through the cpanel. Up to there I think Im doing fine.

    When i was installing, it asked me to put in my domain name so I typed it in. Everything seems fine, but what`s next? I mean right now I have bluehost connected to my domain, but how is it connected to my wordpress account ? I mean if i want to start building my website does it has anything to do at all with wordpress (website) anymore? I`m very confused because I payed like 13 dollars/year to map my domain with wordpress, so was that even necessary at all? In order to map it I had to change the nameservers on godaddy to match the ones in wordpress.. now that I have a bluehost account, do I need to change that again?

    Please someone explain the steps I need to take because I`m very confused.

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    Nothing to mess it up. Simple thing is you created a site for your domain using wordpress and this site is hosted in your server which you brought from bluehost that's it. Initially your site is in remote server until you buy a hosting space for your own.
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    Get the necessary nameservers from Bluehost.
    Replace the existing nameservers assigned to your domain in GoDaddy.
    You will need to install Wordpress onto your Bluehost server, as there's a difference between a blog and the actual Wordpress software.
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