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BlogSense Affiliate Program - Details Here

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by adbox, Dec 15, 2009.

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    May 1, 2009
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    The Purchase-to-Commission Flow

    Upon referral customers have 2 payment options
    1. Monthly Subscription ($10.00/mo)
    2. One Time Purchase ($95.00)
    Situation 1: monthly payment plan: Earn 45% of all reoccurring commission per member. That is $4.50 per month for every customer that signs up through the monthly payment plan.

    Situation 2: one time purchase: For every customer that signs up under the one time payment plan, you will earn 35% of the total sale value. That is $33.25 per one time sale.

    Direct Linking

    If you have your own domain, you can use BlogSense's affiliate program to set up the domain as your affiliate link referral link. BlogSense will discover that the referral came from your website and properly credit you. This way you can avoid obvious affiliate links.

    Other Information

    Cookies are set for 14 day intervals. This means that if a visitor purchases BlogSense up to 14 days after seeing your ad, you will get the commission. Cookies are also set NOT to overlap, so if a visitor clicks another affiliate's link within YOUR 14 day period, your cookie will still have seniority.

    Payments only through Paypal.

    Some Ideas on How to Promote

    Although you may not know it, BlogSense is the most powerful automated content utility on the market, and is being developed all the time. Go to the BlogSense Sales page and look over all the unique special features that BlogSense offer's it's customers, and use those as selling points.

    Go to DP, or wherever, and buy member's signature links for very low costs, providing them with your affiliate link.

    Write Ebooks on how to use the product to some success.

    Compete for organic keywords and keyphrases.

    Email Marketing.

    Forum PM Blasting

    Sales Page and Affiliate Signup Link

    Please Ask Anything you like,