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Jul 22, 2008
I am working with my new MANUAL blog
and its is being indexed by google within minutes I posted my first small article.

now i need help in certain areas.

1) i have many categories and want to display different ads in each category (or post)
2) I want to add free related video with each post how do i do it
3) how do I get FREE public domain images. I have no problem in giving credit to that site.

any tips to make my blog look professional. and of good quality.

is there any post around lisint common mistakes in blogging?

i have picked up all kinds of plugins
related post, old post promoter, adsenses, seoplatinum, askimet.

i have used a free simple theme for my wordpress blog.

so is there something I am missing?

please help me.
Learn about super targeting Adsense here:

To add free video, just get from youtube... then in the post, go to "HTML" and paste the embed code.

You can get free public domain images here:

thanks for the quick help.
rep added

please is there any auto plugin for wordpress which fetch youtube videos automatically related to my MANUAL post.

any plugin you recommend for
1) related video from utube
2) twitter plugin
3) ping
4) auto bookmarking
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Unfortunately, I don't know if there's anything that can fetch youtube videos automatically when you're doing a manual post.

You can try WP-robot (someone shared it in the Download section). But WP-robot only autoblogs youtube videos... so I guess you can let it autoblog videos and later editing each post.

And thanks for the rep, mate.
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