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Blogging, my journey!

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by JWQQQ, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. JWQQQ

    JWQQQ Junior Member

    Oct 24, 2012
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    I've been lurking around this forum since back in 2010–and been in and out of IM with some success and a lot of failure. For the last month, I have been working on a new blog (I've sent the link to some of you for feedback).

    I also have tons of side projects, like a JV IM buisiness with some friends (in the planning), and other YT+Clickbank and article marketing stuff going on, but that's more to see what's working.

    I am 23 years old, and currently studying engineering, and working at an oil service company offshore.

    I decided to open this thread to keep myself motivated, and it helps me to take action!

    Quick about my blog:
    - Running the Thesis 2 framework
    - Niche: travel. This is a competitive niche, I know, but I have the advantage of being able to make tons of quality content in this niche. I have seasoned user accounts on several travel forums, where I can share my links without anyone questioning it as spam (as it adds value, and is from a reputable user). I also travel a lot, so my trip reports and pictures will be 100% unique. I feel this is the perfect topic for me, as I can write about it an there is some pretty good money in it.

    This is also a niche that I love to write about, so it is easier to motivate myself, even with bad analytics numbers, as I love to share my photos and writings.

    - Self-hosted Wordpress on Hostgator, branded .com domain.
    - Personal blog, I brand it as a travel log with some tips and tricks on the travel industry. Try to keep an informal tone when writing, and use my own name and my own travel pictures, but I also have some more "real content" in comparison to some other travel logs. I have always thought that people buy from people, and all the blogs I have bought stuff from (DIY-themes, Problogger etc.) are all written as a personal blog.

    My traffic method is rather simple:
    *I have two Tumblr accounts, one reblogging and posting general travel pictures, and one of my own with unique content. These posts pictures on auto from picloadr, with CT-link to my blog, some inner pages and some main page. When I launch a new article, Wordpress posts the content to my unique content tumblog, and I then add tags, and if I use good pictures it often gets reblogged 20-30 times. A lot of my traffic is from Tumblr.

    Some of this traffic, I try to get to join my FB page to "lock them in"

    * As mentioned, I post my links on travel forums. When somone is asking how they can take the bus from Rio to Saõ Paulo, I tell them how, and mention that I have a trip report from riding buses in Brazil at my blog. My second largest source of traffic. These also ranks well in Google, so when people search google for something like "Rio to Sao Paulo bus", and my link is in the first reply, I get even more traffic … even after the thread is "dead"

    * I track all my traffic, and most of it is from referrals, but I have also started to get some organic traffic on long-tail KWs. KWs I've never considered targeting, I can't believe the stuff people are searching sometimes, haha.

    * Recently I've gotten traffic from other blogs, which I really enjoy, because that means that people are sharing my content. An example, today, there was another blog mentioning my blog, saying that they should check out my blog for more info on that destination. This is the best form of traffic, I think, as it is targeted and the crowd is warmed, and you have trust from the first second!

    What have I done so far?
    * Written about 15 posts, all 500+ words, some even 1300 words. Good content with pictures, videos and 100% unique.
    * Installed Wordpress+Thesis from DIYThemes
    * Bought a few Fiverr gigs:
    ----one with 50 likes to my FB-page, to get it rolling
    ----one for a well-written "about me" page. English is not my first language, and since this is an important part of the page, I decided to outsource it
    ----Link pyramid and social sharing for my YT-videos
    * Installed these plug-ins:
    ----Yoazt SEO
    ----Lightbox, for pictures
    ----Plugin so people can share content
    ----Plugin for social buttons
    * Started reading books on copywriting, motivation, blogging and writing etc.
    * Registered on CJ, awaiting approval from some airliners and hotel booking sites.
    * Set up adsense

    What I will do the following days:
    * Design a skin for Thesis
    * Add more pictures
    * Go through all my on-page SEO
    * Do some proper KW research in Market Samurai (just downloaded the free trial)
    * Read about tiered link building, and maybe invest in a tool. Any input here?
    * Upload my new "About me" page
    * Add a contact form
    * re-structure my categories
    * Finish two large articles, and schedule these, and write 3 "filler articles".
    * Find a way to automatically interlink my posts.

    I havn't considered monetization yet, I am a bit tentative towards adsense, and feel maybe just adding my affiliate links in blog posts is the way to go? Any input here? My goal right now is just to drive traffic.

    And thanks to all of you in here, who has shared your knowledge. I would not be able to do this project without BHW!
  2. JWQQQ

    JWQQQ Junior Member

    Oct 24, 2012
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    --Wrote 1 blogpost
    --Queued 300 x 2 pictures on Tumblr.
    --Spent 3 hours reading about tiered link building, made a rough sketch of my plan.
    --Started to improve my Facebook page, posted some pictures, which have gotten some likes and shares. Commented on some other sites with my page account. Some FB traffic to my site.
    - Improved on-site
    - Finished post processing 100 pictures from 5 of my latest trips, which are pretty good, and will probably get some decent traffic from forums and Flickr.
    - Opened Pinterest account
    - Opened wordpress.com and Blogger blogs. Added a few articles (unique) and made then look decent. Will let them sit for a while, before I begin makin backlinks and link to my main site (need to read some more on link building)
    - Started to rank my Youtube videos with social and link pyramid from YT
    - Wrote one article I will spin to semi-unique and post to some article sites.

    Else, traffic wise, most of my traffic is from travel forums. Increase in shared posts on my blog. Some more traffic from Google Images, where I rank pretty well for some terms!

    Made 1$ with adsense, my first dollar on this site haha.
  3. ran60616

    ran60616 Regular Member

    Jan 17, 2013
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    A place like no other!
    Congrats on the first $. Everything starts small, keep learning and never give up. Good luck on your journey :)
  4. JWQQQ

    JWQQQ Junior Member

    Oct 24, 2012
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    Thanks! I owe you guys in here a big thanks for making this knowledge available!

    2 more $ from Adsense today ... So we're up to 3 dollars. It seems like most of my clicks pay pretty well. It is strange, when I start to get some money rolling in (even just 3 dollars, you get the "scale the shit up" feeling haha).

    I've done some experimenting today. I basically take all photos tagged with niche relevant KWs fram Instagram, then I get them into my Google Drive account. I manually go over them and delete spam and non-relevant content, before I upload them in bulk to Tumblr.

    So far today, I have gone from 0 to 30 followers, and some of my photos are up to 60 reblogs. I started a new account with a semi-relecant niche today.

    I am currently writing my master thesis, so I try to block out time for both school; IM and my job. So I will work more on this on Thursday. I will then write some great forum posts (tutorial style) where I backlink to my site. I like the forum traffic, as it is hughly targeted, and it gives a lot of comments and shares on my site.

    My Facebook page is slowly building up likes, 37 so far (not included the 50 i bought from Fiverr .... )

    They all backlink to relevant articles at my site, and even though it is junk traffic so to speak, they visit on average 2.3 sites which I think is pretty good (I guess a lot of people click on the pictures by mistake).

    Edit: I use two iMacro script for Tumblr, which I found in here. One for autofollow, and one for autolike. Works like a charm, as I now have several tumblrs on autopilot (Tumblr is my main source next to a few forums).
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  5. JWQQQ

    JWQQQ Junior Member

    Oct 24, 2012
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    - Wrote one more blogpost.
    - Some FB activity, but no new followers. Think I'll add some pictures there, has worked before ... When people like them, they'll show up in their feed and create some virality

    - Created a Wordpress.com picture blog, with optimized pictures in terms of alt and caption, linking to my blog. Pinning all of them on Pinterest. Got some decent traffic to my Wordpress blog, but not my main blog yet.

    - Added Adsense to one of my Tumblrs, with a niche semi-related to mine. About half and half of the pictures link back to my main blog, while the other half links back to the tumblrsite. Found out that I can reblog and change the click through in Safari, but not in Chrome or FF.

    This particular tumblog has started pretty well, 200 followers in less than 2 days, mostly original content and a few reblogs. Think the reason is a popular niche, a catchy name (not a "kw name") and personal branding (it is a "personal blog" of some person that doesen't exist). Following 200 people a day, and liking a few hundred posts. All ad placements are good in terms of Adsense TOS. Will consider a tld for this one if it continues this good.

    At the same time, I've changed my tumlr HTML, added some ad-boxes on the side and bottom between last post and pagination. Blend them well in. Added tags under the pictures, and posted some textual content, to feed Adsense som KW (they showed pretty crappy stuff before, not related at all). Have a ctr of about 2% which I think is pretty good considering it is crap traffic.

    - Earnings since yesterday:
    --- Blog, Adsense 1.02$
    --- Tumblr, Adsense 4.40$

    Today I will work on some of my "flaggship posts", open op accounts at a few forums, and write some good content there. Takes a bit of time, English isn't my daily language ... But that is also one of the reasons I blog; to learn English and improve my writing.

    Peace out!
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