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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by namingway, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I have a few questions about indexing and SEO, I actually tried asking a few people on google webmasters but they were not of much help.
    I did my research and looked for answers but everything was pretty different and I couldn't just sit there thinking maybe it's this or that.
    My first problem is, I recently moved from a wordpress blog to a self hosted one about 2 weeks ago. I imported everything from the previous blog to the new one. I noticed that only a handful of posts I've made are actually being indexed on google when i search for them, for example i made 3 posts on the 20th and only 1 of them appears when i look it up under "site:" website and look at it under the time of "Past Week" under google search tools. When I look at it under anytime, I see that they're there. Does it have to do with SERPs?

    My other problem is that it seems to take a very long time for my posts to actually get indexed. The newest stuff I see are posts I made about 6 days ago from the three I mentioned. Does it usually take this long for new websites to get their posts indexed? I was reading about how some ppl take about this long and also how some people get it done in 48 hours max so it's a bit conflicting. Since then I've posed 8~10 posts but none of them have yet been indexed, even when I look it up under "site:". Is it because the blog is fairly new and still takes a while for google to catch on? I've done most SEO stuff I've read on here and other parts, pinged my website, did all the robots, sitemaps, plugins and all that good stuff.

    I just need to hear it from someone who has been through similar situations, this is my first website I'm managing on my own so a lot of it is still new to me. When I was on the wordpress site, it didn't seem to take too long for my posts to appear on google. I really hate asking for help since I like to do things on my own but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask people that know more than I do.
    Thank you very much for your time.
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    A simple solution would be something like


    Replace the * with a dot.
    They have a free account you could start with.