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    Lately I have been thinking about my future with blogger, and came to a conclusion I need to transfer my blog onto my own server. I read bloggers TOS (for the first time) and saw the way I am monetizing is against there TOS ( it is not content locking). So it is a matter of time until it gets deleted. I am getting about 1k uniques a day and would hate to wake up seeing it all gone. I have backups for content.

    My question is, I read about just putting a redirect on the current blog to the new domain, does this mean all the backlinks I built to the site would get redirected to the new url? If google eventually does delete the blog would that redirect still work? I am not really sure on what to do. Anyway I can simply create a new domain and redirect everything to it? I'm more worried about backlinks, and my "authority"I built to the blog I have now. Transferring content is no problem. Creating a whole new domain and starting over would suck. I just don't know if a redirect would work if the blog gets deleted, I was thinking if that was the case, I could just delete my monetizing method from the blog so it stays within Bloggers TOS and just continue to use the technique on the wordpress one, one I'm free to monetize anyway I want

    Hope it wasn't too confusing, I'm doing more research into this.
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