Blogger and Amazon journey...Lets Go!

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    Alright guys, I previously had an account and a journey on here that I updated for about 2 / 3 weeks with something different. I forgot pass / email after a while so now I'm starting a new account, and a new journey thread.

    My goal, is to make money using Amazon and Blogger. I also have a site that is geared towards Clickbank monetization, which has 8 articles published. That website is also on Blogger. I'm not sure how long that will l last, as it's in the MMO niche.

    I chose blogger because of a few reasons. The first one being, ugly sites sell.

    My sites are not ugly, they are neat. However, compared to WordPress they don't have bells and whistles and looks slick. This actually helps with CTR etc.

    Also, I know that if I buy hosting and a domain etc like I have done in the past, most of my time is spent constantly tweaking the theme and trying to fix things, rather than making content and promoting it.

    Eventually, I plan on having 5 different Amazon blogs in different niches, and then spending 2 hours a day promoting each one. So for example I'll spend 2 hours on monday promoting 1 blog, 2 hours on tuesday promoting the other, and hopefully my traffic will rise week after week, along with my income.

    Please don't persuade me to go with wordpress im sick of sorting out domains and choosing themese etc. I enjoy writing articles and trying to get traffic so that's what I'll concentrate on.
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    Do what you feel works out for you, what matters is traffic usually blogger sites dont look cool especially in the TLD thing.
    But I have seen many blogger blogs generating lot of income and traffic.

    Good luck with your journey!!
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    Seems like a nice plan. I'm following your journey. Good Luck !