Blogger + Ads problem (code)

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by NikolasM, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Feb 21, 2016
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    Hi everyone!
    So let s start. So I have my blog and it's about gifs. And I have one Facebook page where I have 100k likes and page is about content that I post on blog.
    So when I share post from blog to fb i usually got 5k-10k clicks on post and i can have more i know but I still try everyday something new :) And where is problem..
    So problem is of course earnings. I have good reach clicks etc but on advertisement site i see 0$. I use chitika. From 5k views, 4800 are blocked or no bid ads.. So yesterday i saw few tips from them so i can make better earnings and how to have more impressions. But i want to hear your advice.
    First question:
    Because I can't add adsense(idk why) i must use other advertisement sites. Do you know any other better than chitika that pay on views of ads. I think i need that, view of ads because it s really hard to earn on ppc.
    Also I'm also ready to promote my blog posts on Facebook but before I must clear this problem :D And also i want to make my own site so if anyone have tips for making good site(site specially for marketing) send me message :D.
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    Nov 18, 2016
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    use propeller ads pop unders