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    Happy New Years everyone.. These last couple of months have been stressful but I somehow managed to make some sort of money near the end of 2010 mainly because of reading and taking action even if I did not know what the hell I was doing.....Anyways, I thank BHW for that but the question I have is, I have a blog with very low competition keyword and already on page 2 of Google after 11 days. I'm new to the blogging thing but whenever I post an article, do I post it under the pages section of wordpress or the post section? I have 4 pages but its not much I could write about except for the main keyword bc the pages consist on the blog are the main keyword, blog, contact, and privacy policy? I've been posting under the post...Am I doing this correctly? I think I am but I rather be a 100 percent sure in case of the google adsense ban bs. Also, wtf is anchor text although that is a newby ques? Thanks again and Happy New Years..Hopefully everyone gets laid lol