Blog vs static homepage, +programming tutorial?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by dujow, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hi there guys,
    I've recently become interested in autoblogging, and SEO, to get traffic for adsense and whatever other offers I can stick on my page.

    I have only attempted one blog so far, and it is becoming a nightmare. I have reinstalled WP i think 5 times. its a ww.keyworddotc0m, but a very specific niche. Questions are as follows:

    1) Without a static front page, google is using my title for keywords, great. However its not taking full advantage of the description/body keywords as my home page is the stupid blog posts that dont usually include both my keywords, just one. All my competition on google are static websites, and I feel they are better able to fully utilize SEO because they can pick and choose what is static on their home page. Do any of you have static home pages and just have the blog run on another page?

    2) Do any of you have fully static websites, (no blog at all) for very small niches? I don't really care about getting updated information/products to the traffic as I just want adsense clicks. I would be perfectly happy have a static site for this crappy niche so I can move on and stop having headaches, but I hear that because blogs are always updated, google loves this and ranks them better. I want to beat my competition, I am on 2nd page on google with no SEO other than title and keywordotc00m.

    3) The #1 site for my keywords is the shittiest little website with adsense plastered all over it, but they integrate it VERY well. I imagine he does well with CTR. Is there a thread or tutorial that anyone has made that is actually educational, in terms of wordpress templates and adsense? I don't want to just churn out mindless autoblogs, I want to be able to properly build a great website if I get lucky on some good keywords. Eager to learn folks, eager to learn.

    4) Love the site, keep up the good work. :D
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    What I like to do is set up a static homepage, an about page actually with keyword rich text. The rest of the site I keep with posts, using the all-in-one-seo pack and setting titles, descriptions by default. It helps Google, and people stumble on the posts through Google anyway.