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    If I want to rank a regular website that offers services as a local business, would blog posts with articles including keywords be necessary to achieve fast results? For instance, if the website has about 10 pages, each with descriptions of the services, and the targeted keywords embedded in those descriptions as well has h1 tags and such would that be enough?

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    For a local website, its not necessary but if you adopt this strategy it will surely give you a boost.

    Although, there are many other methods of ranking a local websites....
    - Set your preferred geographic location in Google webmaster tools
    - Add your website to local search engines
    - Add your website to local directories
    - Get listed on Google places, bing local search and Yahoo! local
    - Get listed on local classified websites
    - Get backlinks from target country
    - Get active on niche related communities which are popular in your country
    - Get citations for your listings
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    You don't necessarily need a blog, you could just optimize (using on and off-page SEO) pages on the site for 1 or 2 keywords.
    Speed of the results depends on competition.

    For each page:

    On-page: Add the following meta-tags, containing the main keywords: title, description, H1, H2, H3. Additionally, you could add the keywords tag. Include an article with the main keywords.

    Off page: Backlink the page using a variety of anchor text, but 70+% of the links should contain the main keyword.
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