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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by pisco, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Hi guys, i have a number of blogs that i manage on a daily basis, problem is i really cannot do this anymore, it's just not possible to maintain this "one man show" scenario. So in a personal talk with a friend of mine, it came up to subject the fact that i had a specific blog in an area that interested him, and in fact he sugested some sort of JV, but we never got around to formally discuss the terms, altough he does know that there is at least some money do be made using adsense.

    Keeping this in mind, i'm thinking of ofering him a deal in these terms:

    • Any money that comes from adsense on posts he created will be his (100%)
    • I'll cover and continue to cover the hosting and domain costs

    Is this a fair deal for both ? I'm planning to monetize capturing emails mainly, and using cpa on them. Adense might bring a good coin, but don't think it will match the one from cpa, giving him the adsense profit will motivate him to create more and better posts, we both get traffic, and i don't have the extra work.

    What you guys think, is 100% adsense too much, considering it will take a while for me to build a decent list ?