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    Jan 15, 2016
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    Hey Everyone,

    So I have been around lurking and reading and studying and finally started doing a few things on the web. Here is where I am and what I need your advice or guidance on please.

    I run a Youtube channel which currently has 46 subscribers and about 56000 views. I am also connected with Fullscreen to generate more money with them and have only made about $17 in 6 months. Now my videos are all original and I haven't uploaded much but will be uploading once a week as of February. I am guessing more content will generate more income right?

    My main money making thing is my blog. I have had it up for about a month now and of course it is connected to adsense, and I am having not bad luck so far. So far in the last month I have only made $3, which could be better but what can you do.

    Now I am asking for advice here or guidance. What can I do to generate more income without getting banned of adsense ofcourse :D