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    I'm wondering if using <blockquote cite=" to the main source of Terms & Conditions content I'm required to copy would help remedy any duplicate content issues. Another option is just changing all the T & C text to an image.

    One of the affiliate sites I loosely manage (doesn't get a lot of attention because the ROI is low) was hit with a manual action for spam content. The main body content was generally thin but unique and good quality overall.

    The main issue that I think caused the penalty was that the company we were doing affiliate marketing for required massive blocks of T & C content in my footer. This T & C content was duplicated from the main entity itself, and from posted on other affiliate sites. This duplicate content outweighed my site's main body content. I've heard a lot of SEOs say that Google understands how to properly evaluate this type of content, but I'm skeptical.

    I have the same scenario for many other companies I'm an affiliate for, but haven't run into this issue of a manual action; probably because the content on these websites is far more robust.
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    Make your terms and conditions a graphic and there wont be any duplicate text to worry about. This is the proper way to handle anything that has a large amount of boilerplate.