Blocked books and bans from Amazon's KDP?

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    Hi friends,

    I've noticed a little flaw/glitch in the publishing phase in Amazon's KDP. Sometimes when I attempt to publish a book, they e-mail me saying that the material I'm posting is freely available on the Internet and that I have 3 options to choose from to complete within 5 days:-

    1. If you hold the publishing rights for all of the content in this book, resubmit your book for publishing following the instructions provided below.
    2. If the book is in the public domain, please confirm the initial publication date of the work and the author?s date of death. By sending us the requested public domain information, you are giving KDP permission to publish this book on your behalf. We will contact you if we need additional information.
    3. If you do not hold rights for all of the content in this book, please remove the book following the instructions provided below.

    If I do not produce proof of ownership, they may terminate my account or limit access to services. This is all done despite the fact that my books are all self-written. However, sometimes, when I re-publish them to be reviewed again, the book goes straight through and becomes live for sale.

    2 days ago, though, one of my books which I had ignored the warning to, thinking it was another one of those 'glitches', ended up getting blocked. I've since decided to take to this forum to ask the veterans and gurus of BHW (I'm a newbie): is there a threshold of how many 'blocked' books I can receive before my account gets terminated? What are the prerequisites before they can terminate my account? And, how do I avoid the process of getting my books pushed back and them e-mailing me telling me my stuff is freely available online? I'm now hesitant to even attempt to publish a new book out of the fear of getting my account terminated. Any insight, comments or help will be sincerely appreciated.