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Oct 28, 2009
So I've currently got quite a few AC articles posted but get very little views (maybe 5 a day), i normally write from there call 4content for the upfront payment, they get a quick 20-30 views then instantly dwindle down.

now this isnt a huge deal for me as the ppv is just extra un-planned revenue, but if i can make it work for me why not?

anyways, I've figured out a way to get fast easy and cheap traffic to my articles, and i can control the flow so it doesnt bounce up 10000 views in 24 hours

question: if im currently getting 5-20 views -total- per day, what would you consider a "safe" amount to bump it up? should i start out low and just notch it up to 30-40 views and increase over time until im hitting 100,200+ etc? or what?

Think theres a "safe" limit for this?
Like you mentioned, bumping it up slowly will always be safer, especially since it sounds like you're using bought/fake traffic (correct me if I'm wrong on that). I would do 50-60 hits a day per article and then cap them at about 100 per day.

Also, just a word of warning in case you are trying out some bought traffic. Most people that use fake traffic for AC end up getting their accounts banned pretty quickly. A few people I've talked to were able to fly under the radar for awhile by blanking the referrer, but it's not the safest longterm method for building page views.
I cannot stress enough how important it is NOT to use Opera, auto-refershers or buy traffic for AC. They're extremely strict on this!!!

I had an article that had LOW page rank. It had 2 outside links to it. It went from about 10 a daily hits the first month to getting 15 then up to 200 daily hits. I was banned from AC!!! What I had done was WH. I had promoted the heck out of it on Facebook and Yuwie (my two links going in). I told people I was in a 'friendly bet' with another writer as to who's page could get the most hits in a week. It worked! I got tons more hits than I normally did. BUT it got me banned.

Fortunately, I'd been able to contact the AC admin. I explained to them that IF they looked at ALL my articles and traffic, ONLY ONE article had jumped. I gave them the links to the posts on Facebook and Yuwie. They were ticked but had mercy. The article was taken down and the pv earnings were actually deducted from the next month's ppv bonus amount. I was told to NEVER promote that way again or I'd have the entire account banned.

I of course at the time shared the "friendly bet" method with two other friends I had on AC. They jumped right on it too with Facebook, Yuwie and MySpace plus a couple of forums. I feel badly. Their accounts were banned as well with NO response back from the AC staff.

Another person told me of using Opera with a proxy. I had no clue what a proxy was. Nor did I want to risk my account. It took AC 4 months, but they banned her as well. She SLOWLY built up the traffic each week.

IF articles are low page rank, bad titles, low SEO and are getting traffic-- WHEN your account is flagged.. you're going to get banned. IF the articles are like they're supposed to be (SEE REDTIDE'S BOOK and the $30 in one day thread)... you won't need artificial traffic for pv and clout.
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