BlackHat: Want to know more !


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Jan 29, 2010
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I want to do rank own site on google .

Anyone can help me out?
Is There Any BH Easy Tips or tricks ?

Keep reading this forum, you're gonna find something eventually. Next time don't try to start a thread like this because this forum is all about "BH easy tips or tricks".
hey mate ,
If u don't know .. then do not give suggestion .
don't be over smart..
I think he was nicely asking for a more descriptive title next time, and that the search button and a few minutes of your time would get you what you are looking for.
Dotaplaya is right the question you are asking is what this forum is.........that's like answering a question with a question.........and as far as him not knowing im sure he does but not ever answer can be givin to have to put the work in that's what he is trying to say.

Kind of like if you weren't being a smart ass to a jr member then i would have just giving you the answer.........But do the work take a look around and you will learn and most likely find better methods then you could have even thought of. lol enjoy and good luck.
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