BlackHat Strategy for online English School

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    Hey guys! Wow, it feels good to be back here!

    I've started a small online english school, about one year ago. It has been successfull so far (12 students in total),making me good money and banking my way out of this third world piece of shit country i was born in.

    But i want it to get bigger.

    I teach live classes, composed by 4 students each. So the business is not based entirely on software, and i want to keep it like this.

    Now that my product is well tested, i've got a new website up and running to get more students. My current students are loving it! I've a high quality, high value service that just needs to grow a lil bit more.

    My objective is to get 132 students in total (i don't need scale). Once i get it, i'll move abroad.

    I'll start a blackhat campaign next week. I'm thinking about creating around 3 to 5 fake facebook accounts to do some social engineering in some target facebook communities. What else do you guys suggest me to do?

    I'm looking to create, taking as reference your suggestions, a solid blackhat strategy to go with my white hatone (facebook ads, google ads, etc).

    I'm looking for any kind of ideia, from traditional ones to the most crazy. Let's get creative! :)

    Thank you in advance for any feedback!