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    This is the blackhat SEO and for members who are new here or returning time to time to find out about BlackHat SEO, they will have trouble to learn about secrets or latest updates. Everything is thrown in threads and since I personally need an update.. I guess this post will help others who need the same thing..:

    I have a network of about 400 websites, each on different c class ip. pay big money per month for hosting.

    What are the latest blackhat methods ? I want to hire an seo expert who can use my network for his personal things and will use my network to rank for keywords i want / need.

    If I find nay from here.. then perfect.... if not, who is an experienced blackhatter and what are the basic blackhat methods ?

    What is the white hat seo method nowadays that will take time to rank ... with this network how faster than the normal seo can i see results by building traffic....

    What if I chose to do seo ... ?

    I understand all the basics.. but since the last 10 months a LOT of things changed... What needs to be done to show on the top pages and have a good big list of keywords ranked.

    IF anyone can help, would be superr !!!!!

    Thanks guys
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    Just read some threads. No need for anyone to repeat it all here.