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    Aug 13, 2010
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    Hi, i really don't know the scenario on most users here, but i find myself doing my daily tasks in several computers:

    - my home desktop
    - my mothers laptop
    - my sisters laptop
    - my own laptop (borrowed it to my gf, so its in another house)
    - my work desktop (at work, sadly don't make a living on this yet)

    At the moment i got all programs installed and registered in my home desktop (SB, AMR, TBS ...), but the thing is, more people use this computer for a number of things, and despite me stating that it should never be restarted or shutdown, sometimes it happens and that poses problems, as i am never 100% sure all my submissions get done, nor can i ever drip feed tasks.

    So i have been thinking of setting up a server of some sort, without screen or any other peripheral devices, just connected to the web, so i can access it via remote desktop if i am at home, or logmein if i am anywhere else.

    So now my issue is really, what computer do i need to get for this task, my home desktop seems to strugle at times with AMR and Scrapebox, if i push it too much, it's a relatively old system maybe 5 years (only 1g ram, single core cpu 1,8ghz). I've been looking at second hand corporate servers, think cpu and ram are king here (no need for a good graph), but have no real reference, will an older generation dual core be up for it? Do i need more than 2g ram? Do i need a high speed disk of some sort, or a regular low capacity will do?

    Does anyone use this kind of setup, a computer just dedicated to manage our tools and stuff related, if so what setup do you have or think is more suitable.

    Thanks for the help.
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    For less then $500 you can buy a computer with a quad core processor, 4gb+ of ram, with plenty of HD space. If you build it, less then $350-400.

    Don't waste your time with anything older, you'll thank yourself for the time saved.