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Blackhat Marketing - Limitations and Utility

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by boomboomer, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. boomboomer

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    Let me start with a big disclaimer that views in this post are personal,
    based on my own experience in the past few years.

    When starting out with BH marketing, one common mistake that many
    people make is to assume that BH marketing will bring in big money and
    they won't have to do much if just 'one' method clicks for them. Now the
    'big money' part could very much happen but the assumption that there
    isn't much work to do is a wrong one. This is the reason why many people
    keep jumping from ebook to ebook in search of the holy grail of IM that
    can provide them with instant cash gratification. Unfortunately (or
    fortunately, depending on which side you are on) there isn't any holy grail.

    To make a substantial amount of money from BH requires just about as
    much work and effort as it takes to make a similar amount of money from
    WH. The important part here is 'substantial amount'. I define 'substantial
    amount' as the earnings after which you don't have to earn anything more
    to live out your life comfortably - how you define comfortable is
    completely personal and upto you.

    Generally speaking WH methods are more long term in nature while BH
    methods have a short life span. There are exceptions, but this is a general
    observation. And by long term, I'm talking about a couple of years and not
    decades. So either you can constantly keep doing BH marketing using new
    'methods' that keep coming up or you can do fewer WH projects. Both
    work. The only difference is the lifespan of your projects. But the aim of
    most people getting into IM is to have earnings that do not require a lot of
    work from them eventually once everything is set up. This is why you
    must have a plan to start some sort of a WH marketing business.

    Utility of BH Marketing

    Most IM campaigns have a very high return on investment. For every
    dollar invested, you should make that dollar back and then more than a
    dollar of profit. Anything less than that should not be done because
    starting a real world business should give you those kind of returns for the
    first decade of operations.

    This means that what you need is X amount of money that you can invest
    in your business and then reinvest the profits generated back into your business.

    This X amount is where BH marketing fits in very nicely. BH marketing
    should be used to generate that X amount of money that you need to
    jumpstart your WH marketing.

    If you agree with what I have mentioned here, then it would help you to
    get back to the drawing board. Identify what is the WH business that you
    intend to start for long term recurring profits and find out how much
    money do you need to start that. Once you have identified that and
    planned for accordingly, use any of the BH methods to make that amount.
    The important thing is to not lose track of what your ultimate aim is,
    because it is very easy to get into a rut of looking for short term money
    making ideas. Avoid this rut and you should do well.

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