Blackberry Messenger and Whatsapp - Mobile bots / scripts / blackhat tools development

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    Hey we are looking for someone able to develop, or contacting us with anyone which can develop

    BBM(Blackberry Messenger) and Whatsapp black hat tools , ideally also connecting with facebook.

    Initially an Auto Messenger would be required. Something like a classical facebook messenger script or bot.
    a) In BBM you can broadcast, but it reaches ppl in a different color font, so is less effective than a private message (not broadcast). That process could be automated
    b) In Whatsapp you cant directly select all your phone listing to broadcast, precisely to reduce spammers activity. In this case it would be enought to be able to "select all" the contacts.

    Another tools to be developped:

    Auto PIN Grabber - from internet, as any standard email grabber
    Auto PIN - adding them all as contacts out of a set of grabbed PINs

    Finally there is room now for integration with facebook and BBM

    The development could go either using the BB SDKs or with any scripting language able to operate on the mobile device (BB, or iphone and android for whatsapp)

    We are looking to invest nicely in tools like this.
    Please PM if can do it or have any info