Black site and white site on same VPS

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    Jan 10, 2013
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    I own a 7 sites, 2 of which have a good amount of traffic (8000 uniques, 15000 page views for the white site, the black site is shown to about 20,000). About 2 weeks ago I moved these two sites to a virtual private server. Both sites are travel related, the white site is comprised of articles and images, is adsense dependent, and has never been promoted any other way but white. The other site is also travel related, relies on cookie placement for revenue, and is promoted through interstitial and pop-under ads (all in Asia). There are no problems related to load time or other things that would cause the sites to run poorly. All was good for about a week, then the traffic to the white site dropped by half, this was last Friday (the 25th). Does Google take this into consideration, can they even see this? As there are other sites (not owned by me) hosted on the same box, so I would not think it would be a factor... If so how do I solve the problem? Im thinking ill have to move the white site to a new server... Or is this just a coincidence, what do you guys think? Thanks!