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Aztec Silver

Jun 1, 2019
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There's plenty of powerful and fulfilling bits of knowledge in books. Most books are bad and, or, useless.

Seeing so many like-minded individuals in the forum, I thought we could share books worth a damn.

A book club in the traditional sense doesn't make much sense online. I was thinking more like a curated list of good reads that teach about leadership, history, and money.

This could flop and I may discover "no one reads books anymore brah." Let's test it here.

Recommend a book by:
  1. Telling us the title and author
  2. What the book is essentially about
  3. Whether or not the book fulfilled its purpose in your opinion (i.e. taught you something)
  4. Where we can get our hands on a free copy ( :p I say pay if it's good, this is BHW after all.)
Here is my neanderthal collection of good reads:

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book presents methods and tactics for influencing people and getting your way and providing real-life examples for each one. In my opinion, this book accomplishes its goal completely. The teachings of Dale Carnegie are as relevant today as they were in his day. If you want to run your own business or be more influential amongst your peers, start here. Free audio with an Audible trial of 1 month or check PDFdrive on your preferred browser for a free pdf version (although this book can be found anywhere if you look.)
  2. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. In this book, Grant introduces to you the concept and rules of 10x. Essentially, Grant claims the reason people fail at life or succeed and then lose it all is that life has too many variables we can't account for. The 10X rule has you plan, network, and work 10 times harder even when it's not necessary. Grant may not be the most honest salesman but this book will teach you to get more sales, in my opinion. Free on PDFdrive and some audio version pops up on YouTube ever so often.
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert teaches you how to have a rich mindset and shares examples of traps the lower class fall into. In my opinion, Robert is a one-trick pony...BUT that trick is really good. This book is great because it will help anyone see why they shouldn't spend their money on useless shit. If you ever thought negative stuff about rich people and want to be wealthy, this book will help you see things differently. Free on youtube as I recommend the audio version. PDF can be found anywhere but I have no reference link

Can't wait to see what you guys have to share. Thanks for reading
TL;DR Share good books thread