Black Hat - Where Do You Draw The Line

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    In a e-commerce class online and the discussion was internet marketing and the conversation quickly turned black hat when the prof (he maintains the servers/web/blogs) mention link spam/injection, etc. All the other business owners/managers chimed in and I was the (proud) lone ranger in the room. In defending what we do, I was asked where do we draw the line in our black hat efforts. So I thought I would ask some of the questions I was asked and see what others think.

    So would you drop links via injection or do you consider that illegal (he says it is) or do you just stick to spamming links? Would you report someone who was doing something like link injection to defend your earnings or do you not worry about it and try to out rank them?

    So any feedback would be appreciated and may help me maintain an A average.
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    Being the lone dissenter pretty much insures your "A average" is going away. In the classroom, it's go along to get along not be the nail that stands out.

    We get money. We're not curing cancer here. What do you care what the next guy would do? If you see a whale and have to hesitate about how you get it, this isn't for you. This is amoral. How illegal do you go? What's it worth to you? It's all risk/reward. Some guys will grind away at stuff other people won't because it's not worth their time. As for ratting out the competition, no. Never. That's an area where many will go full illegal and do things like ddos.

    Don't try to justify what you know is wrong. We simple don't care. It's all stacked against the little guy anyways. We can't compete straight up against the web giants and how many programs rip us off? Shave like crazy etc. If your doing this full time you don't even think about any of this stuff as it's a non-issue.
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    My rule is: if you need backtrack you've probably gone to far.
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    <roflmao> "backtrack you've probably gone to far"...excellent reply

    Seriously though, if you have to ask you might be in the wrong business or at least on the wrong side of the fence.

    Recurring theme in literature: Man's inhumanity to man; guess that says it all. Frequently it's them or us, not all the time but enough of the time to motivate us to try harder.
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    Astral World
    First We Need To Understand OR Define What "Black Hat" Is And What Is Not To Each One Of Us.

    The Best Way I Can Define It Is... MARKETING! Nothing More, Nothing Less.

    Let's say you are launching a product and the media used by you is TV. Now, know that you have money (like BIG companies) to invest in the marketing process.

    You can pay for your ADs to be shown in every single broadcasting station Available and as many times as you would wish. Would you do it? HELL YEAH!

    Every hour people would see your product, every minute they would listen to your "annoying" jingle, every minute they would be
    "VISUALLY SPAMMED" with your product.

    Because you have money, you decide to pay for RADIO ADVERTISING. More of your "annoying" jingle. Now You decide to promote your commercial (tv) using video sharing sites like YOUTUBE, using platform with huge traffic like FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, DIGG etc....I ask you then

    ISN'T THAT WHAT WE DO? How is different from what we do when marketing our websites? products? affiliates?!?

    The BIG companies (oil, food, drugs) CONTROL the media (TV, Newspaper, Magazine), and how they do it? SPAMMING THE SHIT out of these places with ads, articles, polls...TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO BUY and so THEY CAN MAKE MORE and MORE MONEY!!!

    We Are BlackHatters NOT CRIMINALS! Like many of these people in fact ARE.
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    Hi friends,

    nice discussion!

    Blackhat for one person is not equal Blackhat for the other person!
    My interpretation is, that blackhat might be unethical in my sight but not illegal! If i feel bad and i hit my personal border with doing blackhat, then i stop!

    Example: Some month ago i posted ads on cl like this:

    Due to promotions our fashion shop has the latest pc games to download for free like(put here recent top games)! Just register on our site xxxxx and in the members area click on "pc games download!"

    The (blackhat-)point is, there were no games! I just used a high paying cpa-offer from a fashion site who paid $7 for singn-up!

    I got good money and many complaints! So for me i had a bad feeling and i changed to other methods!

    So i think everybody must have a personal blackhat barrier!

    If your barrier allows it, please feel free to use the above method! It works with any pay per signup! :)

    Cheers friends
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    You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    i say we shouldn't concern ourselves with other people's morals.

    always think for yourselves guys.
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    I don't allow myself to be concern with the morals of others, as long as it has nothing to do with child porn, everything else is open for discussion with me.

    Think about this, Craigslist had a adult section for a reason, you think they were concern with morals? no they were concern with money.

    eBay let replica's be sold on there auction site, u think they are concern with morals? no there concern with money.

    CPA networks like XY7 ban accounts and keep the commission even if the website is 100% legit u think there concern with morals NO! there concern with money.

    USA government invaded a nation land for no reason, who had nothing to do wtih 9/11 u think there concern with morals no there concern with money.

    The quicker u learn that morals are mere opinions of peoples ethics the faster u will make more money, EVERYONE! has a price EVERYONE!