Black Friday Special!! $1000 in a day.

May 11, 2010
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I have been digging around BHW learning as much as i can. Thanks for everyone who helped me start. Thought i would give something back to the community for what it did to me :). Let's get to the point.

I've got a small method that works for me,saw a similar one somewhere here so i thought i'll post my method too.. You can scale this up hugely today because hostgator announces massive offers every black friday to customers and affiliates every year.

This year they are giving 50-80% on every plan. This is the first time they are offering such huge offers which we can use it to promote their hosting like crazy.You can make a quick $1000(10 sign ups will get you this amount) if you are ready to spend some time with it.

I love lists,so here's one that you may like ;)

How to make money with HG.

HG pays huge commisions to their affiliates but they are very stringent in tracking their sales to find and filter the fake ones.Here's how to bypass it.

1) Use private proxies to login from different locations,clear your cookies,browsers everytime you create a account. If you want to play it too safe get your friends sign up,give them your domains and money to pay for 2 months.

2) Buy a domain( Buy more if you want to scale this up). You'll get cheap info domains for $1.99. Make sure you use fakenamegenerator to register different domains with different names to cover your track.

3) Go to to get different names and fake address that you can use for registering details to domain and in HG.Register the domain you brought with HG.

4) Go to use them,they are good) or use any other VCC to pay for HG account(because they detect from which source the money comes from,don't use same paypal id's too)

5) Build a cheap wordpress site in it(Your account should be active to get paid.Their meaning of account being active is it should have a domain and a website with some files). If you dunno google it or hire someone.There are lots of people who do it for $5.

6) Make your friends pay for the account for 2 months and give them the money. It's only a cheap $4 a month.

That's all there is to it.
Wait for the check from HG after 60 days.

Note: HG pays their affiliates on time and you should meet this statement to get paid "HostGator reserves the right to only pay for referrals that are active and fully paid at the time of paying commision and payments fully paid"

There you have it :). Let me know if you have any questions or success when you get success.Twist it if you feel it works better for you. The basic model is "Cover your tracks well and do the homework".
this is fn amazing.. i dunno this might have been to good to post.
this is fn amazing.. i dunno this might have been to good to post.

I considered that option. But couldn't stop from giving back the community which gave me sooo much :) PM me if you feeling too happy.I wouldn't say no to sending you my affiliate link in hostgator to sign up :p .
It depends. If you go through commision Junction you earn a flat $100 for every sign up. If you are a HG affiliate you earn minimum $50 a sale and increases with the sign ups you make every month. If you make around 21 sign ups every month you earn $125 per signup!!
Read this one guys. Might be useful for ya

I have heard some people saying that Hostgator scammed their money. I'm now promoting UmbraHosting. They are an honest and good hosting and always pay on time for every affiliates. I have made $2,170 over the last 10 months with UmbraHosting.
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Read this one guys. Might be useful for ya


Wait for it............

I can promise you that if multiple people start doing this at the same time, it will set off alarm bells within hostgators bank.

You think they were reversing commissions before, just wait until more and more affiliates try this s---!

Remember guys, hostgator is a BUSINESS! If more starts going out then is coming in, expect even more stricter terms and increased reversals.

OP, the reason why you are still getting payments from them is possibly because your just ONE GUY doing this, or maybe the second or third. No big deal. However, you just open the flood gates, so even though I'm sure the people here appreciate you posting this method, this is a ticking time bomb in the making......

So if you guys are gonna do this, the early bird catches the worm. As soon as HG starts losing money..........You know what it is.

Also, my suggestion: Find another hosting program that pays affiliates to spread your risk so your not cault in the everybody is doing it this way" wave. Don't follow this piece by piece. But don't expect this to last long either if your taking more then you are giving.

Good Luck!
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My this is my first time post in any BH forum.
So my question may be stupid, but still I will ask

This method involves becoming HostGator affiliate.
Then join HostGator through our affiliate link using fake/different name using 4$/month plan
U also need domain names to activate hosting accounts

So if u do this 21 times/month u get 125$ per account

My 2 questions r

After registering with HostGator through our affiliate link for how many months we have to keep the hosting accounts active? i.e. we cannot keep paying 4$ /month endlessly.

After closing registered accounts I can keep the domain names?

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