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Biz to Bizz

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by Whotf am I, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Whotf am I

    Whotf am I Registered Member

    Oct 30, 2016
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    i just searched for a nice .com domain name and Its tagged premium and costs $50000. ... I'm thinking of replacing (TheWord)Biz.com to (TheWord)Bizz.com and selling it for $1000.

    Or since (TheWord)biz.net is free. may I try this one?

    Guide me bros

    Do you think i can start off my biz with this meathead????
  2. Invisible Dude

    Invisible Dude Newbie

    Jul 29, 2014
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    Branding is key dude.
    For example: TechBiz.com is $69,000.00 to Scoop.
    So regging TechBizz.com is a normal next thought after realizing you're not trying to drop 70k on a name.

    Your Question in a nutshell: Yay or Nay?
    The answer.....

    Branding, Branding Branding.
    I'm going to give it to you in a nutshell.
    The thing about my nuts.
    Is that they're pretty big.
    So they have even bigger shells.
    What follows below:

    If for any reason your TechBizz.com or TechBiz.net became successful,
    I'd just wipe you out, scoop the original, and earn/take the majority of your sales.
    And in the average "consumers" eyes, I'd be the "go to" and "more reputable" one, because I have the .com
    Whatever defense you have against what I just wrote.
    You're wrong.
    I see it happen daily.
    I've done it... well... tons of times.
    People make a living from just that style of domain hostage alone.
    And many other reasons.

    Branding bro.
    I domain for (part of my living) making high 6 figures.
    I Brand like it's my job.
    And I create sites, companies and various other things, from literally the bee flying around in the bees nest of my brain.
    Aka, from absolute scratch.

    And I sell them for a lot.

    Branding is an art.
    Your first mistake, is just a business mistake.
    No putting your personal feelings in the way.
    Business is Business.

    You clearly have some sort of attachment to whatever domain name that is.
    That just screwed you and you haven't even started our business.

    Let's say this for example...
    (I'm just going to type as I go, off the top of my head, and not go back and edit anything because I foresee myself not feeling like it, so bare with me)
    Ok... so, again, for example, let's say your business you are wanting to create is selling hamburgers.
    Hamburgers.com is taken.
    Hamburgers.net is not.

    Hamburgers.com is a very successful business selling some dank ass, juicy burgers, doing very well.
    So, you should get the .net and bam... you have a gnarly brand already.
    You can brand anything with anythihng.
    Buy the .net and take advantage of the idiots for not grabbing it, forward it to your burger business and earn from their forms of credibility and advertising obviously.

    So then what now?
    It's simple.
    It goes beyond branding, but whatever, just follow along.

    Bottom line...
    America... Humans... Just... people in general.
    They're fat.
    They're lazy.
    They want everything NOW NOW NOW.
    They would rather "watch" then "read".
    They would rather pay more to get food brought to them, instead of paying 70% less to get off their crusty couch and go get it themselves.

    So... what do we do here?
    Close your eyes and think of a fat hungry guy.
    What does he want?
    He wants to eat a fat juicy Burger.
    When does he want it?
    Right damn now.
    Who does he want to get it from?
    It literally does not matter in the least damn bit what it's called.
    If it was a race between my business, moldymeatwads.com and hamburgers.com, and I got to the chubby chub first.
    Not just would I make the sale.
    I'd get a tip too.
    I supplied when he demanded.

    What happens after that?
    I embedded my brand in his flubbery head.
    Hence... marketing material.
    My rapper, stickers, proper coloring, and strategic placement of my brand name moldymeatwads.com around him while he stuffs his face...
    Will make me bet you, that I now have him as a returning customer and Hamburgers.com doesn't.
    After a couple more times of his fat self ordering from me.
    Anytime he thinks of a hamburger my brand name subconsciously floats around in his head.
    So that parts done.
    Got my customer.

    So now this brings us to the mistake soooo many businesses online and offline make.
    A Major reason why they fail.

    Many New Business Owners start their business from a "dream", a "Passion" or the "It's a great Idea and I know it will work".
    Their business knowledge stops there.
    If my passion, dream and "I always wanted too" business was something that has what I personally call the "common sense risks" popping out right off the bat.
    I'd keep the damn thing a dream and start a business with something i hate with a passion if I knew it would earn.

    But... the new business owners/creators and enthusiats are too amped to do this...
    They lack expericne and get caught up in the rush.

    So they go ahead and start their business.
    Let's say for example: Burgers.com
    And mine is called... Boogers.com

    Their name is what they are selling.
    This now limits any expansion in the future, or at least makes it that much harder.
    The consumer automatically thinks they just sell burgers.
    Now they need a logo.
    Well... they can't make an awesome logo really anything else... because that's just dumb branding.
    So they stick with some srt of a burger logo.
    They just increased any budget they want to use in the future when they realize they want to start selling tacos, because well... they just are who they are now.
    But either way,
    They are all pumped.
    The next step is...
    Market. Advertise. Brand Freakin Awareness.
    They want the WORLDDDDDDDDDDDD to know of Burgers.com!!!!
    So they start getting billboards. Ads in the paper.
    Banners on sites. Flyers designed and made, passing them out all over town.
    Getting pumped.... because a MAJORRRRRRRRR Food festival is coming next week and they rented a booth, got mad promotional material made and
    are about to rock the shit out of it.
    Even though it's a Vegetarian Food festival... they don't care...
    20,000 People are going to be there.
    That's so much exposure!

    So Burgers.com just failed.
    They just crashed their business.
    They just... well...
    Wen out of business.
    Just like 90% of people trying to start new business...
    They 1: Lack Experience
    2: Have a hard time taking the brutal... but "just live with it" professional advise.
    3: Are freaking impatient!!!
    Because they made their business.

    I have Boogers.com
    I left myself room for expansion.
    I can sell Hamburgers. Tacos. Snickers. Childrens toys and even a damn Monkey if I wanted too.
    But stilll...
    To establish my brand.
    Hamburgers are already branded.
    So I'm going to rebrand them.
    I have the name.
    It draws attention.
    Makes whoever look twice.
    My logo.
    The average person thinks... Boogers? Eww....
    So I need to change that psychologically.
    I'd design my logo to not have a Hamburger. No food. No Monkey.
    I already know that whoever is hungry needs to eat.
    So I'd go the "make them laugh and get personal with them route".
    Initating humor relaxes and calms your buyers without them knowing it.
    It makes them feel comfrotable.
    So i'd make a nose for my logo and some steam coming up from the bottom like the nose is smelling it,
    And toss a piece of lettuce up on there so my Brand name doesn;t go wasted and has a hint of a "Booger".
    Then I'd slap a slogan on it.
    Something towards the line of "who gives a shit". My goal?
    To stick in their heads.
    So my slogan...
    "The Only Juicy Booger You'll Ever Want t Eat"
    (remember, I am typing as I am thinking, so bare with me)
    Will it flip some peoples stomach?
    Yea sure.
    Will I lose some buyers.
    Yea sure.
    Do I care?
    Because My goal is to reach the "lmao" "we gotta eat at that place" people.
    Eventually the others will eat my juicy booger.

    Then, as soon as that Vegetarian Food Festival Comes into town....
    I should have been preparing for weeeeeeekkkksssssssssssss.
    But no.
    Screw that.
    What I am going to prepare for weeks, is controversy.
    I'd make some marketing material and go to buffets, big n talls, and well... I'm gonna target my market...
    Fat People.
    I'm going to go advertise the vegetarian food festival to all the fat people who want a hamburger.
    I'd go humor again.
    Meat is clearly my most profitable item.
    I'd bust out some flyers and invite them to come to the Veggie Fest and Watch us At Boogers,
    Feed Boogers to asmany Veggies as we can.
    And just for coming, getting a good laugh, and having fun.
    Bring the flyer and Get a free Juicy Booger from Boogers while you watch.
    So the night before,
    I'd go buy lettuce.
    Somehow mold/form them into ball shapes.
    Dump some dressing over em.
    Go the the veggie fest the next day.
    And start cracking jokes with the Vegitarians there, promoting "Come eat a Juicy Booger at Boogers! THEY'RE FREE! TRY ONE!"
    The veggies are there for a reason.
    I supplied humor, free food at no cost and established a lot of brand awareness, and opened/expanded my "what was suppesed to be just ab burger place" into a 3 new menus on the store wall of
    Different veggie crap, doubling my market because they loved "salad" that I made into circles and pu dressing on, then renamed real quick.
    And all while doubling my market and customer base...
    Which was not at all my main goal being there...
    I had 50 fat guys scarfing down their free juicy boogers, getting a good laugh out of veggies "eewwwing" but loving their juicy boogers.
    But wait! There's more!
    We all know that those Chubby Chunkers aren't going to just stop at their 1 free juicy booger.
    Especially as I pace out the timing for them to eat their first hamburger... making them ready for others.
    So they of course buy 2-3-4 and... welll more... at a "non meat event" I make made money.
    Say screw it...
    Let's make more...
    So I sell the chubbies drinks too, and the vegetarians, because everyone is toughening them while they scarf down the boogers and they need a quick chaser.

    Now if you can't get yourself that kind of brand promotion...
    Screw traffic.
    Screw your alexa rank.
    Screw being popular among the vegetarians and vegans.
    I'd rather be placed infront of 2 Fat Guys than be placed infront of 100 Broccoli heads.
    They're my market.

    Moral of all this???
    Just a Scatter minded cyber slap to those who could follow my on the go typing.

    And no BS,
    While I was speed typing this, I stopped real quick and Sold a domain for $900 that I got for 18bucks.
    How bout them Juicy Boogers?????????????????
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