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    Hi guys, I'm just starting out with all of this and wanted to search through popular searches. I'm using Google Trends, which is allowing me to search through top search queries via keyword search. I also want to see what people are searching for on Bing, Yahoo, etc... I have found Bing trend, Yahoo Buzz, etc... but am not finding a way to do keyword searches on these. They only show you the top searches per category.

    In short, does anyone know of any other tools/resources that would allow me to do an actual keyword search through top searches like Google Trends does?

    I would really appreciate any help. Thanks guys.

    BTW I have been reading things here on and off for a while now, and although I don't post much, this is a great forum. Honestly don't think I have ever seen one childish squabble on here and everyone is always so helpful to others.

    Edit: Sorry, I think I should have posted this in the tools section.
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