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    Bing has detected new parameters in your URLs. Please visit the Ignore URL Parameters feature in the Configure My Site section of Bing Webmaster Tools to review the suggested parameters. If you are certain that a suggested parameter does not change or determine the page content, you can add it to the list of parameters to ignore by clicking on the suggested parameter. This helps reduce duplicate URLs for the same content and allows Bing to crawl and index more relevant URLs, potentially improving the overall traffic for your site.

    what it is mean?
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    This is a good question. An inherent problem with search engines is that they have a difficult time choosing the right page to index if there are similar or duplicate URL?s. Your content may be accessible through multiple URL?s as the result of dynamic pages.

    For example some click tracking, analytics, and printer friendly versions of pages can cause duplicate content issues. Session ID?s are a very common duplicate content creator. For instance www[]yoursite[]com/products can be confused with www[]yoursite[]com/products?session_ID=3221.

    By telling Bing which parameters to ignore, you can be sure that the search engines are indexing the most relevant pages on your site and not tossing out some or indexing the wrong pages because they appear as duplicate content.

    Here is more detailed information from Bing on the subject,

    Here is a good blog post on duplicate content and URL parameters,

    Let me know if this helps you,