Bing ads and squeeze page rotator question

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    Hello guys, I just set up a new campaign and I currently have a squeeze page rotator, I just got a quality score and it's extremely low, 2/10, and the problem is landing page relevance, I was wondering if this might be because I use a rotator, although I must admit that the squeeze page isn't full of content, a headline and an opt-in from, that's all. So my questions are:

    1.How do you actually improve landing page relevance with squeeze pages?
    2. Do rotators actually affect the squeeze page relevance?
    3. Can you suggest a different way to do A/B testing if rotators hugely affect quality score?

    Best Regards, Mike.
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    It's probably because your squeeze page isn't relevant to the advertisement or the keywords. You need the keywords to appear multiple times on your squeeze page if you're going to increase your quality score. The reason for this is because when a visitor clicks on your ad, they are expecting to find a web page with the keywords they used. For example, if you search for "How to train a puppy" on Bing, you're probably going to want to visit a website that starts off with, "So you want to train a puppy" and continues to use "train a puppy" throughout the website. As for your other questions...
    1. All of my campaigns usually get a quality score of 7 or 8/10. What I did to improve relevance is mentioned above (include the keywords that appear in your ad text and the keywords you are bidding on your squeeze page.
    2. I don't know much about rotators, but I'm assuming it did have an impact.
    3. If you want to test 2 different squeeze pages, create a 2 separate advertisements in the same ad group with the same content but with different URLs pointing to the different squeeze pages. There is an option to rotate ads evenly at the ad group level on the advanced settings page. Once you discover which squeeze page is working better, delete the old squeeze page and begin testing keywords with 2 separate ads.