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Bing, a PPC network that needs to get their shit sorted

Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by Reyone, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Reyone

    Reyone Elite Member

    Sep 30, 2012
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    Have a few minutes to spare, so I just wanted to share the love story we had with Bing ads.

    Bit of background, we started a new project in the company and we were gonna go full on with adverts. We started hitting as many networks as we could, ppc mostly; one of those networks was Bing, attractive for its low prices and big enough to make us "trust" it.

    So we were setting our adverts on bing, were just targeting UK traffic DESKTOP exclusively (a not so easy to advertise niche). So a few days later, we are running good and we get an email from Bing saying that our advert campaign had been denied due to legal reasons blabla. Ok, no problem whatsoever, we can run on several other networks and spend thousands a day... no issue here.

    Keeping in mind our campaign got rejected by Bing, we put our eggs in other baskets and kept going. About 3 days later we notice some sort of extra traffic on our site. This traffic comes from all over the world and its 99% mobile traffic. At first we were like, fuck yea, free traffic... well, we were running on several places and it could as well from unknown sources.

    Day later I check the corp account and I see a minus £1k ... guess who sucked that 1k??? Yea that's right, Bing.
    So without further delay, we go and check our Bing account and to our surprise, we've been running for a few days EVEN THOUGH THE CAMPAIGN GOT REJECTED!!! But what's really FUCKEDUP is the fact that they were running our campaign on US soil targeting MOBILE TRAFFIC ONLY!!! Complete utter waste for us at that point.

    Well, pretty fucked up aint it? Don't worry this is just the beginning, now comes the part where we try to get in touch with their support team and receive some cool news :)

    So we get on the phone with Bing support and start the whole deal, told them how our campaign got rejected and under no circumstance we were expecting to be running there, furthermore, under no circumstance we were expecting to run US Mobile traffic... To our surprise, we found out that out of the 3 keywords that we selected, they decided (god knows for what reason) to run 10 other keywords :)

    You imagine this is a pretty fucking strong case to get a refund/further legal shit. Well... couple weeks later and after wasting so much valuable time we come to the end of the tunnel: "The tech team has decided that we can not issue a refund since BLABLABLABULLSHIT", the support dude couldn't even believe it himself; I was like, dude are you serious? Then please give me a contact phone/email so I can get in touch. He is like "no, sorry, that can't happen". And then I go all ape shit telling the cunt to fix this shit up as it is a complete utter fuckup; he puts his head down agreeing that it is a fuck up and proceeds to tell me that he'll get in touch with his superior to find an amicable solution.

    How did this all end up? We got a 50% shitty refund and a shit ton of time wasted on phone calls.

    End of the day, I would like to recommend anyone who is going to run an advert campaign to AVOID BING!

    Anyways, as usual this is just our story and our feelings, but I've spoken to a few other people and all of them agreed that Bing really need to sort their shit.

    Have a good Monday everyone.
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  2. hpasha

    hpasha Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 15, 2011
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    Kepler 186F
    Bing is acting douchebag these days. They disabled my two accounts for no reason. I even don't have any campaigns going on those accounts.
  3. Aatrox

    Aatrox Supreme Member

    Feb 27, 2014
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    I'm sorry to hear that you lost money with them. I used them a few times, got that $100 coupon. It's funny how the system works over there. My ads were running and I didn't get traffic. While they were paused I start to get traffic and then had to delete the ad to make it stop wasting money haha