Billion $ Renaissance

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    In the beginning God created the Internet and the Viagra.

    The Internet was without law and order, and darkness was supplying the world wild web with illegal Viagra.

    And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And affiliates saw that the light was good; and the law separated the light from the darkness.

    God called the light 'Health Affiliates Network', and the darkness he called 'dodgy pharmacy programs'.


    Hello everyone.

    The online pharmaceutical industry is now legitimate: safe, legal, ridiculously profitable and growing faster than any other sector.

    Forget about Viagra spam, I'm talking about delivering every woman the Pill overnight. Helping Grandpa save money on his blood pressure meds.

    Let me be clear about one thing first: the US market is still a no-go! US senators couldn't agree on how to have a root in a brothel.

    I am talking about Europe. La Renaissance!

    Global spending on prescription drugs in 2012 is expected to exceed $1 trillion - making it one of the largest industries on Earth.

    1 The EU now regulates remote consultation pharmacies.
    2 European consumers spend over $300 billion a year.
    3 Only 0.3% of them are ordering online at the moment.
    4 It is expected to quadruple in 5 years
    = $1 billion / year now, $4 billion / year in 2017

    Health Affiliates Network allows you to capitalise on this opportunity.

    Online pharma started as a dodgy 'smash and grab' business model for many. But it is far from that now. Good affiliates promoting our pharmacies are making 6 figure commissions. Above board.