BIG JV Opportunity For A .NET Coder

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    Basically, I am close to losing the plot with an application that I had designed for me. From the very beginning this was supposed to be a 7 day project for a set price, it has ended up costing me a LOT more than I had hoped for and this is also 5 months down the line. No offense to the coder, he was a great guy and helped a lot but I don't think that he had a lot of experience and I am not prepared to invest much more money into this project so I am looking for an EXPERIENCED .NET coder. Someone that can fix the bugs in the app, finish it up and make additions.

    The application is a Gumtree Autoposter. Currently it has the following features (Taken direct from the sales page that I have made for the app):

    So as you can see, this app has had a lot of time and testing spent on it. I have a legit, licensed/purchased, copy of WinLicense with .NET support and XBundler so protection is not an issue.

    The problem is that everyone that tries to run the app either runs into a problem with the running of the application or the processing. Not me personally or my coder, it works absolutely fine for me on 2 machines but other people have problems. I think that the error messaging may not be setup correctly too.

    I also need some things added to the app:

    1) Currently for every update that I was receiving from my coder when the user reinstalled all the DB's would be messed up with the old version. Instead of an upgrade facility everything just messed up, I need a way to upgrade the software automatically upon updates with all the users previous campaign details.

    2) I need auto-email verification for some areas, this will be an addon for the application so it does not necessarily have to be completed ASAP.

    3) I need import proxies added and also allowance for password/username protected proxies instead of just shared proxies.

    I have all the source files ready for the project to be finished, I just need someone trustworthy that can finish the project for me.

    The deal that we will have is negotiable. I have invested a lot of money in this project already and the app is so nearly complete, there really is not much more work involved, the deal will be a % share on product sales as I feel that I have already spent enough $$$ upfront already!

    Please PM me if you are interested. You must meet the following requirements:

    1) Must have been a member for more than 60 days,
    2) Must have a reputation of above 10 points,
    3) Must speak / write 100% fluent english,
    4) Must have coded apps in the past and have proof of apps previously coded.