Big Drop In Serps - AMR, Scrapebox and Scrapeboard


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Mar 2, 2011
Just wanted a few opinions if possible. I have site that Ive been working on for a few months now and today has dropped its ranking massively on all keywords.

The site has all original content.

I was around the 7th position for my main keyword and today Im now 98th!! All of my positions have disappeared into the lower regions of the SERPS.

I have blasted with AMR to money site and then SBed the Live links, but nothing too heavy. I also did a small amount of Scrapeboard blasts and again nothing too heavy... Again all of this was done some time ago and I havent really touched the site in a while.

Would you say that Ive been sandboxed or will my serps reappear?

Also what would you suggest is my best course of action. Should I carry on adding content to the site? Or just wait to see what happens for a few days..

All suggestions welcomed.. First time this has happened to me and Ive been far more aggressive on other sites which are still holding their positions.
Three articles heavily spun using TBS and spun on sentence and paragraph level giving high percentage of uniqueness. Over two accounts. Probably about 700 live links in total (only a small fraction of these have been indexed)
It should come back to be honest. Think it might just be the google dance. I would keep adding content and keep creating backlinks.
In most cases, jumping down in the SERPS so drastically is due to link velocity. You might return to your original position after a while, perhaps even stronger.

In the mean time I would create some new unique content on your site and keeping building links, consider getting some high quality links this time though (high PR related comments would be good here).
based on what you said it sounds like it is dancing, for me when i launch a new site at first i have a pretty high serps but after a blast it will drop down the 100s then after 2-4 days im back up higher then before.
it's normal to see changes after AMR or SB blasts. It happens everytime, so don't panic.

How long ago did you do the blasts ?

In my opinion you should keep building links and posting articles but for a while, or until you get back where you were in Google, try doing them in a more natural way (manual comments, on topic, ******** + nofollow). As for articles, try posting them only on top 10 article sites until you're back again.

Good luck.

You should be back in 1-2 weeks.
Thanks chaps, the AMR blast were several weeks ago and I haven't really touched the site in a good three or four weeks.

The site is monetized with Adsense and a review with an affiliate offer.

The content on the site was all re written articles but all passed copyscape as original.

Im hoping its a Dance but it seems quite extreme. Perhaps I got a human reviewer...

I will keep you posted on what happens good or bad.
Out of 27 keywords that I have been tracking 1 has returned at Position 64 previously 24. All the others are still out of the top 100. Looks like the G is evaluating my pages, so lets see where it goes...
You're probably just dancing unless they're new pages/sites. Initially you can get some good bounces on new sites and then BAM google drops you to page 45. If this lasts for over a week you've probably been temporarily sandboxed and it will come back up later.

I had 2 sites that I heavily spammed one was new and one was old. Sent both of them to 40 page range from page 1 for about 2 months. Today both came back. 4 pages from one site are back on page 1 stronger than before. Other site which is older came back to #11. Previously it was on the first page.

Lately I've noticed that Google seems to be responding differently to some of my sites when I blast them with SB or AMR. I'm not of the thinking you can't blast your own site.

I've also been getting a lot of weird results with buffer sites. I have some really high ranking buffer sites that link back to my money site and my money site hasn't moved an inch for the kw I targeted on each buffer site. The buffer sites also have inner pages outranking the main page for the same kws.

Google is acting schizo lately for me.
I saw my competitor who was ranked 2 disappear completely which helped me move up to position 3! I hope this update stays like this so my pay check is higher next month! :) Yes i do this for a living.

I saw in other forums some threads about this "google dance" hitting a large scale of people, some believe it to be a new algo change update, perhaps a panda 2.0 since many people are seeing once penalized sites return.
I saw in other forums some threads about this "google dance" hitting a large scale of people, some believe it to be a new algo change update, perhaps a panda 2.0 since many people are seeing once penalized sites return.

They're still rolling out Panda updates and I have noticed a lot more dancing than usual. IRC they said that we will be seeing updates throughout the year.
When most people see this, they think "my sight has been penalized". 99.9% of the time this is not the case. I am fairly certain that if Google puts a penalty on your site, it will effect ALL of your rankings, and it is usually a multiple of 10 (-10, -50, -100). So, if your site had been penalized, it would not just be one (of a few) keywords, it would be all of them. It also would not be -23 places, or -62 places.

I would agree with others that this is the "dance", most likely brought on by link velocity. Remember that you may have built those links 3-4 weeks ago, but Google is probably just finding many of them in the past week or two.

One other thing to keep in mind for the future. Negative link velocity also can have the same impact. I have had sites that I built a lot of links for quickly rise in the rankings and stay for a while. But when I stopped building links, in a couple months I usually saw a pretty big drop in rankings.

Steady link building over an extended period is the best way!
All of the keywords have dropped. I do agree with you about the Link velocity,I just stopped with the site and moved on to another project, so this is probably what has happened. I also remember that on one of the AMR blasts I just submitted all of the articles at once rather than over several days. (got bored) This may well have something to do with it.

Thanks for all your comments and advice. I will not give up on this just yet and when I have my rankings back I will post what I have done to get it there.... or not as the case may be..
G definitely ran a big update last days. I have dropped with my main kw from #21 to nowhere. I'm not even in the 1000 searches. And the other kw dropped from #29 to #168. It's about a 5 months adult website and sum tough kws. I will keep building links and waiting to see what "surprises" we will get form big G.
I had one site dance for months before settling down. I didn't do anything strange to that site that I haven't done to any other site, but for some reason it wanted to dance for half a year.

If a site is still indexed then there's a chance it will come back unless a really long time goes by.
I've been doing web directory submissions for 6 of my sites, out of which 2 of are 5 years+ old, the other 4 are only about 10 months. Well, it looks like all my sites got slapped and the age factor didn't make any difference. The magnitude of the rankings drop doesn't seem to be consistent, even with the same exact keywords among 2 different domains and the same amount of backlinks. The drop is anywhere from 10 to 200 positions down in rankings.
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