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    Dec 19, 2013
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    Hi friends!

    I am a 26 y/o Webdeveloper from Germany. For the past five years I was running an IT company with a friend of mine, but we decided to break it up and go our own ways due to some problems that could not be resolved. We are still friends and even do some business together, but we both decided, we would be better off on our own. Shortly after, I got a good job offer and now I am working full time as projectmanager/developer/SEO. That gives me a solid base to found my IM projects.
    Currently I am into Amazon Affiliate Marketing. I managed to build some passive income, but not nearly as much as I want. Right now, I could definitely not make a living off the money I make doing IM. My main problem is lazyness. I am great when it comes to codin. I hate linkbuilding. Long story short, I need to make a change to be more successful. Currently looking for ways to outsource the linkbuilding. If a German linkbuilder reads this, feel free to PM me, I might have some work for you! I am also interested in JV. Offering a 50/50 partnership for Nichewebsites (German). I will do all the technical stuff: hosting, domain, setup website. The other part is content + linkbuilding. Income is generated via Amazon Partnernet. I pay half once I receive the payout. If you are seriously interested in this, PM me. I am fed up with half-hearted people. Sure you can PM me and ask questions about it, no problem, but don't say you commit and then you don't. I guess many of you will know what I mean.

    There is also a free keyword suggestion tool that I have recently released. I am not allowed to post URLs yet, so pm me if interested. It rocks, just saying ;)

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    Hey hey. :) I'm younger, a little, I'm 23.
    Germany? Cool. My uncle lived there, it was great for him.
    I'm from Serbia, he came back here now to enjoy the time he has left.
    Anyways... Welcome!