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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Greetings everyone, after lurking on the forums for few days, I've finally joined. I'm really excited to be part of this great community. I consider myself to be an empty canvas when it comes to IM or general marketing to be modest.

    I'm beginning this journey with the right attitude and a WOOPING $50.00. I know it's not a lot of moola, but hey it's better than nothing right ? My goal is really simple and straightforward. To make money so I can buy my mom a house that she has been dying to live in for all her life. ( we have rented all our lives )

    Skills at my disposal
    - Ability to operate a computer
    - Multitask efficiently
    - Basic Web Design (Nothing too fancy, paint does the job.)
    - Programming (9+ Years)

    Things that hold me back
    - Perfectionism: Someone once told be perfectionism to a point is EXCELLENT, but the moment it becomes counter productive, it's time to quit.
    However, I can't find that 'moment'.

    - OCD: Dont we all suffer from this in someway or the other?

    I look forward to learning and sharing with all the wonderful members at BHW and one day I can reach my goal and so can you or have :p