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Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by kimkils, Jul 5, 2010.

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    I am interested in getting into PPV.

    I am willing to invest the $1k to get into Traffic Vance if i can get answers to some questions i have regarding the "inner workings" of their system.

    From what i know you can bid on URL's or keywords...

    I can see bidding on URL's to be FAR more profitable as you can be assured that the person is (likely) going to purchase from the website they are visiting. So you could popup your affiliate link. I would create a dedicated several page website for this purpose which would fake the referrer to a WH site i own.

    What i (and perhaps many more) would like to know:

    • Is URL bidding more expensive than keyword bidding as it is more targeted?
    • What are some average costs to target keywords/URL's
    • Do they care much for the content of your "popup"? Does it have to be a "professional" looking site or can it be a basic affiliate link?
    • What kind of ROI are people getting?
    • Could anybody refer me if i choose to sign up to their network?

    Thanks :eek:
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    For TrafficVance they pop a 800x600 window up so design your lander for that size to display everything you want.

    URL bidding in most cases is more expensive as more people are bidding on it. Cost totally depends on the urls. I've seen some be .01 and some be $1.25
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