BHW member: skweekykleen = scammer

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    Beware BHW of skweekykleen. He PMed me on the 23rd in response to my ad, said he could help me out.

    "I have some rx data...lots actually

    not all of it has CC, but i think i can set you up with what you are looking for...

    how well are you willing to pay for it?"

    We started talking on msn, he answered all my questions. I asked for screenshots, which he provided and actually looked legit. We talked and agreed upon a decent price. I suggested we do it in 3 parts which he agreed to. He actually said he was also going to suggest 3 parts to protect both of us. Everything seemed legit, so I sent him the first payment and asked if he got it. He responded by saying "awesome got it!" he told me it will take a few min to separate 1/3rd of the list and upload to his server. He then said that he would msg me back the download link on msn. A few min later he logged off and I havent heard from him since. I immediately did a little research and found out that I have contacts that know and talk to him. Apparently, he has stopped responding to them also. I was able to get his full contact info though. I see he still logs on BHW but he ignores my PMs. Hope nobody else gets scammed by this guy!

    Here is some of the info on him: (PM for more)

    Name: Steven Pratt

    BHW: skweekykleen

    MSN: [email protected]
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    What a scum bag