BHW, Friend Wants Advice, I Need Your Wisdom On Tools, Methods!

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    May 29, 2011
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    So I have a friend that has decided to venture into our little world. He's more of a WF kinda guy, but after months of no success I showed him a few BH threads and within a week he had some cash (gotta love BHW!). He asked me what tools he should buy first, and before I started spouting off my fav list I wanted to seek the wisom of my fellow BHW members. He has a direction he wants to go, but he isn't sure if he's heading down the right's the wishy-washy "Guru Brainwash" over at WF if you ask me.

    What He Has:
    He has $135 to invest in tools.
    He already has a shared hosting account and I told him I would buy his domains if needed.
    He uses the Free version of Traffic Travis for keywords (plus G keyword tool ofc)

    What His Plan Is:
    He wants to start out with MFA sites, or possibly amazon affiliate sites.
    He also wants to write or spin articles and sell them to Associated Content.
    He has been following the guide that I was discussing in this thread ( for a week now and has good success. It's how he made the $135. He has no real network however and is looking for other places to give his copy of the ebook away. Suggestions welcome.

    I am going to let him use my Tweet Attacks Pro, I told him he could maybe tweet CPA offers. I suppose the chances of getting banned are high?

    I suggested he also start an authority blog on a niche but he wasn't too interested, thoughts on this anyone?

    He also asked me about making money with YT video's but I have never done that so I couldn't give him much advice.

    So I ask you, ooh great BHW, if you were in his shoes what would you do? He has a million options but very little money to spend. I suggested SB with private proxies, or maybe just get AMR.