BHW CPA (Consumer Protection Act)

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    I believe what makes a great forum is its members. Its members make the content; its members make / sell or buy the services. Without the members, and their contributions, a forum is pretty much a ghost town or a shit hole.

    Now, part of these contributions on a forum such as BHW, is the great services. To seperate the good from the bad, its members once again contribute by reviewing these services which tell the rest of the members on the forum whether or not the said service is any good or not. Being a long standing member of BHW and continually buying and reviewing services that are available; I think I have contributed quite a bit to the forum - at very least I think I offer good and honest reviews; which by the way, I get several PM's thanking me for the reviews and asking my opinions on which services to use. I think this is in part to the lengths at which I go to review a service, I give a fair chance to the service provider and only expect what he has stated in his sale thread. I also review based on what I've paid and the results I saw for what I paid.

    Anyway, back on topic and what this thread is about. A while ago, last year sometime to be more precise, I purchased a service which stated their turn around time. That TAT came and went, the service provider ended up giving me my report 2-3 weeks late.
    I gave the said service provider a negative iTrader score because he delivered 2-3 weeks late.
    The service provider responded by giving me a negative iTrader score.

    Had I not made payment, sure - give me negative iTrader score.
    Had I given an unjust review, sure - give me a negative iTrader score.

    No, now I sit with negative iTrader (just the one, ever) because some immature service provider failed to deliver on his promise. Surely there has to be some kind of protection against this?
    Im only trying to help other people not fall into the same traps I have fallen into (or help them find the pots of gold that I have found).
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    You know I have thought about this often as well, and I am glad you made a very thorough post about it. I doubt there is going to be any changes to the iTrader system which is one reason I quit using it unless buyers/sellers ask me to. You initially responded by giving him negative iTrader so do you think he was going to respond by giving you a positive iTrader? No, because even though you paid on time and waited patiently for your product the seller was trying to get back at you. So what I have found the best thing to do is do not even mess with iTrader...if you feel like you want to warn other people about his service then make a thread or post on his thread about it. If the information is more public the more the seller is going to look like an ass if the seller does anything to try to get back at you. This of course is just all my opinion and I apologize for your bad experience. I appreciate your contribution to the forum!

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    2 yrs ago i got my only -1 itrader in 3 yrs.
    and it wasnt for providing a bad service.
    it was for refusing to sell to some1.
    took me a year to get it removed