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Nov 12, 2009
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Hello to all,

I have learned alot and "found" some great tools on this forum!

Thanks BHW members!

The question I have is:

Which do it your self tools found on this forum would you recommend for building backlinks quickly and effectively?

I understand the effort involved in using these tools, so I am looking for the closest thing to push button automation as possible. Aren't we all?

I see tons of tools here and have tried a few with little success.

Just wanted a little feedback from anyone that cares to comment and has had success using the tools found here.

Any suggestions would be appreciated:peace:

SENuke is good way to go if you're wanting to promote a proliferation of push-button sites, as you've described it. For actual SEO effectiveness though, I'd go with Scrapebox... though you'd need to brush up on your SEO theory to get full value out of Scrapebox.
Thanks iitob,

I am looking for feedback from people that have used tools found (BHW) here exclusively...not tools outside of this forum.
Thanks anyway!
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