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Oct 14, 2009
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Heya all,

I'm really interested in putting up some kind of CPA gateway to lock content on my site. So far I've read loads of threads about various methods. I've also tried contacting the owner of BHCB with no reply yet to ask a few questions. So I thought to ask the community instead which you guys think is the best.

I don't mind purchasing any of the scripts (although I've seen a couple that ask a high amount). Which BHCB style script is the best?? What other alternatives are there out there? So far I've found CPA money wizard here in BHW and another one (which right now I can't recall) mentioned in craigs thread.

Just an extra note, Geo-targeting is important for me as a couple of my sites bring in non-US traffic (dunno why).


I use BHCB and I like it a lot. It doesnt geo target yet but I think that is planned for the next update. It can blank the referrer if you want it to and you can add and change the offers that you want the visitor to see very easily. Version 3 is also very easy to install on Wordpress blogs.

You can also join Adsend Media or CPA Lead as they have their own content gateways that you can install on your sites.
Thanks islandman1010. I watched the video showing the example and such which can be used to get around the geo-targeting issue. Just use the text to say NON-US will do the trick. I guess I may go for it then, just wanna explore all options and then make my choice. I know....too cautious :D
WP Guardian was created and is supported by OldenStyleHats here on the forum. I prefer it to BHCB. Much easier to use.
Thanks for the Tip Pikachu. Unfortunately I've chosen the dark side....and gone with Joomla. I love the features that are with WP guardian and ofcourse...the support.

I guess I could transfer Joomla to WP but that's a pain in the backside.
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