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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ryanisme, Jun 17, 2010.

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    I am not new to online marketing, but I am new to BH methods. I was wanting to know a few things to get me started. Plus I have seen some less than rosey talk about some of the other forums on here, and I get the sinking feeling I've been in the wrong places till now.

    1. Is pure white hat even possible anymore? IE, I've been trying to stick to the straight an narrow, and have only had limited success. Is it even possible to get a site bringing in traffic that's useful with only white hat, slow methods? Or are BH tools just a necessity for those who actually want to get anywhere.

    2. If anyone (everyone) could direct me to the the best posts I NEED to read on the forum, I would be very grateful. I am not unable to use a search function, but I'm not sure where to get started, and have always been of the mind that "when in doubt, you ask."

    3. I would appreciate some site reviews if at all possible. I don't expect anyone to spend forever on it, but if anyone would be willing to take a look over my sites and give me some pointers I would appreciate it. You know... this is a problem, don't say that there, ooooh that's a reaaaaly bad idea, that is good do more of that... type stuff.

    Thank you for any help you can give me, and I look forward to speaking with you more.