BEWARE when buying activated ADWORDS account with desposits

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    Recently I was looking for adwords vouchers in the range of 100 euros or USD.

    Interestingly, I got a message from someone who had read my requests around the net.

    So, I got a message with an offer for an adwords activated account instead having a deposit of $2000 plus for a meager $150. Naturally I was tempted but I knew I couldn't buy it since it was way beyond my budget.

    However, I wanted to see how these many digits looked on the account's screenshot :)

    So, the guy sent me the screenshot of the account, taking me for a sucker he forgot to remove the stuff he should have had.

    I saw several chargebarks with various different credit cards on the billing screen. Now, I know what 'carding' is and how people do it but I never thought it could be done in a Google adwords account! Nevertheless, the account was a total sham which could have gotten any one into greater trouble provided he/she ever used it.

    So BlackHatters you have been warned! Watch out while buying adwords account bcoz when any one stuffs carding money into any account in the world, it gets JAIL-TIME serious!

    Anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)

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