Beware of this scammer: mordisk

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    After they had said "ok the votes should be coming in 24 hours" i never got a response, they last sent me the PM at 2:48 AM on December 26th saying "okay 24 hours from now you will be seeing 1,000 votes. and it will go up from there"

    I woke up at 1PM checked my Skype and this other provider told me hey sir we already started working on your votes, I was like okay, I sent them the payment, then I PM'd "mordisk" telling him "I request you give me a refund because someone else is already working on the votes..."

    He didn't even start to provide me the service. Anyway, so he didn't respond to me and I send him 2 more PM's, never got a response, though he was online and even posted a reply in a thread before I filed a dispute...

    So I file the dispute saying:

    I expected the delivery of the votes to be immediate, instead there was a delay. I do not have time for this. I expected the votes to arrive instantly. I request a refund and he hasn't provided the service yet anyway so give back the money, i request you not provide the service because someone else is providing me the service and they provided it to me before I even sent them the payment. I sent the payment to them already and they have already started working on getting me the votes. Therefore, on the basis of this, I'd like to request a refund. You also have terrible communication and have left me weary. Which is why I cannot do business with you. Return me the money.

    From Seller - [seller name]

    12/27/2011 14:42 GMT-05:00

    if you check the link he sent while paying for my services ive brought his vote count up massively from where it was when he sent payment, we had an agreement and ive been slaving away for 2 days for this guy and now hes asking for his money back on paypal. this is MY money, Ive put in the hard work, if this claim escalates any higher i will be refering to my attorney, and we will be taking legal action. for this is is an illegal action and it needs to be settled as soon as possible. I know you are only doing your job paypal, and you guys do an outstanding job as it is. thanks

    From Buyer - [me]
    12/27/2011 22:18 GMT-05:00

    You are not the one who is providing me with the service, I have paid someone else to do this service for me. You were taking too long and I filed the dispute before you provided the service because you did not immediately provide it. The person who I have sent money to in a different transaction on PayPal is the one providing me with the service. You have stopped communicating with me ever since of the time I paid you. PayPal, end this right now and return my money or else I will have to call my cardholder. Thank you.

    From Seller - [scammer name]

    12/27/2011 22:26 GMT-05:00

    no that is incorrect paypal, you may call your cardholer all you want, but this dispute will be solved and if your going to take extreme measures like this to scam me and rip me off, then i will have to call my attorney and take this up to the law. this is the oldest trick in the book, you hire me to do your services, and i do them, then you chargeback the payment you send me by disputing your paypal, or calling for a chargeback on your credit card which everybody gets atleast 3 of these a a year, if im not mistaken, however this is my money and you do not have a right to take it from me. this is horrible i have too many things to worry about, bills, my children, and my time in which you are trying to waste. also this is a 400$ deal and ive only charged you 100 dollars so youre trying to take this money from me, AND win your competition which is going to pay you even more money, its not fair. Go pick on somebody who isn't helping you with your life, instead of the people who are. How can you even lie like this [my name], do you really have no soul, i do not understand why you would do this to the person who is helping you succeed in life. Just take a note that i am taking reference of all of these messages you are sending me, threatening me, and i am showing them to my lawyer. Once again thank you paypal for your services, im sorry for this embarrasing dispute but we need to get this resolved one way or another.


    I kind of messed up on the "Send Payment" description or note that was sent, I wrote:
    Contest - Votes
    This is the link to Vote for ME: [link] In order to vote for me, the Page that is hosting the Contest needs to 'Like'd first, that Page is $100 for 10,000 votes was agreed upon

    I paid the other guy who is providing me the service, for 2500 votes... So I'll never get the 10,000 votes anyway... Can I win this dispute??

    Man fuck this guy... you're such a bitch... man.
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