Beware of programmer named Anikendra Das Choudhury

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    Oct 2, 2010
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    Beware of this Indian programmer. Ive met some really good Indian programmers in my day THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

    Contracted this guy to build me some software. He basically smooth talked me into doing a partner share with him, because he said the script was too costly. What he handed over was crap at best. Im told by the programmer fixing it that its really outdated syntax that could in no way be functional! Then he emails me 3 months later wanting a cut of the business! I emailed him back and asked for a refund, when he told me "..i take money from dumb Americans all the time, why refund yours"!

    He is on all of the freelancer sites, I have tried to contact all of them and have him removed! Please do not get stuck in the rut this guy has caused me!