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    Hello Everyone,
    Gopal the username in BHW is not a good person. I give a 10 PVA's to him. He used it and said that replace the account as the ads are not live. and i committed the accounts will be replace if PVA's ask for reset. I have given the PVA with one ad posted and it is live. I said you have not used the good proxies. So started saying that I have 4 years of experience. I will complain about you in RBI that you are making a black money and all stuffs.... You paypal is full of Blackmoney and all shits. He want the things in free of cost. So just beware with him. he will use your service and ask for refund and he did that and also make a dispute against me.
    I don't know much more about him. This is my first deal with him and he behaved a very.............

    I hope you all understand what i'm trying to say with you. Specially sellers just beware with him otherwise you will come in loss. As now I'm. Please please please. specially newbie.. I don't know much more about this person as i am a newbie here. Really never think of people like him. I'm in this business since 2 years but he is started threating me about the RBI and paypal. So you think if you will sell anything to him what he will do with you. Specially having a problem with the newbies.

    I hope someone help me out from this guy and also be safe from him.

    If you need chat then I'm ready to give you here.

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    Be careful about talking about PVAs. They don't allow such discussions here on BHW anymore. Hate to see you get banned over something as dumb as this.

    Good lookin' out though!
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    I have bought pva accounts from her before...........She is good havent had any issue with her accounts in the past.........ANyways she is a newbie her details from grab6 and have done business with her ...................she is honest and good........chill i dont think you should worry and continue working..........