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BEWARE. MatthewMagicman I was scammed by him

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Mcdonaho, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Mcdonaho

    Mcdonaho Newbie

    Dec 29, 2012
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    EWARE. MatthewMagicman I was scammed by him. Wont answer calls or skype for 2 months now. He was suppose to be helping me setup google places in multiple cities and I already paid him about $1000. BEWARE.
  2. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    Ok Op, we're going to need you to post more info in this thread, as in some proof of what transpired. Skype, emails, payment screenshots with personal info removed.

    Once you post that, I'll contact the accused and give him a chance to give his side of the story.

    PS. Next time, just post your issue here so I don't have to clean up 10 other posts in threads that had nothing to do with the problem, ok?
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  3. Mcdonaho

    Mcdonaho Newbie

    Dec 29, 2012
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    It wont let me copy and paste what I want from paypal due to not being a member long enough but I made payments on
    1-25-13 $99
    1-31-13 $99
    2-28-13 $750
    3-6-13 $50
    3-11-13 $350

    Total $1298

    He was suppose to create about 10 google place listing for me. He created 2 and never built them out. Never completed what we talked about and we promised all would be done by 5-31-13. I have had no contact with Matt since end of April and beginning of May.

    I have been texting his cell, emailing his email, and trying to reach him on Skype. I have our skype chat log saved on the pc and I can screen shot the paypal payments made. However it wont let me post those things on this due to me not being a member long. Please advise I can email them to you or whatever you suggest.

  4. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast

    Check your PM - I sent you an email address to send your screenshots to. Send them to me and I'll post them in here.

    I have PM'd MatthewMagicman and asked him to post his side although I have not set a deadline yet. There is no proof yet. Once there is some proof, then I'll set a deadline for a reply.

    PS. A reminder to others - Do not violate SL rule #4:
    4. If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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  5. OldSalt

    OldSalt Ex-Mod taking a sabbatical

    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    Ok... the following was sent to me by Mcdonaho

    The 'accused' is

    Although the following is a graphic, it was sent to me as formatted text so I cannot guarantee it is legit.

    and then there is the skype trail. Also note that this is not complete as there was more before this but this is all he could provide:

    [2/27/13 3:06:18 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho, are you there?[2/27/13 3:06:31 PM] Mcdonaho: Yep
    [2/27/13 3:07:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Check this out:
    [2/27/13 3:07:20 PM] MatthewMagicMan: *URL snipped*
    [2/27/13 3:08:06 PM] Mcdonaho: Looks good how's the *location* coming that *location* got done quick
    [2/27/13 3:08:46 PM] Mcdonaho: So now it's up how we get it on first page?
    [2/27/13 3:09:48 PM] MatthewMagicMan: still waiting for richmond to go live
    [2/27/13 3:10:57 PM] Mcdonaho: Why you think *location* so slow? So now it's live how long till we start seeing it under search for plumber *location*?
    [2/27/13 3:12:06 PM] MatthewMagicMan: no worries on the *location* one, it will come up :)
    [2/27/13 3:12:18 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/27/13 3:12:20 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'm searching right now to see your opening rank
    [2/27/13 3:12:24 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/27/13 3:12:50 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you're ranked #10!
    [2/27/13 3:14:14 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok so do i need to add pics video ect to bump it up or what. What are you searching for plumber *location*?
    [2/27/13 3:14:33 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I searched *location* plumbing
    [2/27/13 3:17:01 PM] Mcdonaho: Can't seem to find it I'm looking from my phone google *location* plumbing
    [2/27/13 3:17:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Every variation I search comes in at #10
    [2/27/13 3:17:22 PM] MatthewMagicMan: *location* plumbing
    [2/27/13 3:17:25 PM] Mcdonaho: Is there a way to make it where it pulls up when you search plumber *location*
    [2/27/13 3:18:16 PM] Mcdonaho: Ill have to look from my Mac when get back
    [2/27/13 3:18:22 PM] Mcdonaho: So what's next step
    [2/27/13 3:20:00 PM] MatthewMagicMan: i searched plumber *location*, #10 too
    [2/27/13 3:20:27 PM] Mcdonaho: Must me how I are it from my iphone.
    [2/27/13 3:20:29 PM] Mcdonaho: Must be
    [2/27/13 3:21:03 PM] Mcdonaho: Must be how I see it from my iphone can't see anything I do see my *biz name* plumbing stuff but now new one but will look later
    [2/27/13 3:21:20 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you're #10 for every term there
    [2/27/13 3:21:47 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/27/13 3:29:28 PM] Mcdonaho: So do I need to ad pics video or what to make rank higher?
    [2/27/13 3:39:40 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yeah, fill out the listing with photo, video, description
    [2/27/13 3:39:45 PM] MatthewMagicMan: and then getting citations
    [2/27/13 3:40:29 PM] Mcdonaho: Citations?
    [2/27/13 3:41:05 PM] Mcdonaho: Don't I have to have the google id and password to add pics video description.
    [2/27/13 3:41:40 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yes, I'll give you the login/password
    [2/27/13 3:42:02 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Are you familiar with citations? once you have a listing, you want to get a ton of citations
    [2/27/13 3:42:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: i.e. yellow pages, directories, etc. to credential the listing
    [2/27/13 3:42:56 PM] Mcdonaho: I'm not familiar with citations
    [2/27/13 3:43:27 PM] Mcdonaho: Can you point me in the direction of where to go learn and do them
    [2/27/13 3:43:53 PM] Mcdonaho: Now on the description and photos is it ok to use the name *biz name* Plumbing name
    [2/27/13 3:49:04 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Let me see if I can find something to show you on them
    [2/27/13 3:49:08 PM] MatthewMagicMan: they take a long time
    [2/27/13 3:49:13 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you may just want my folks to do them
    [2/27/13 3:49:18 PM] MatthewMagicMan: 60 of them for $20
    [2/27/13 3:49:31 PM] Mcdonaho: How many would I want or you recommend
    [2/27/13 3:51:01 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you want to do all the big sites, merchant circle, angie's list, insiderpages, superpages, etc.
    [2/27/13 3:51:08 PM] MatthewMagicMan: there's probably a couple hundred sites
    [2/27/13 3:51:39 PM] Mcdonaho: Well I would like your people to do it for me if you can line it up for each listing
    [2/27/13 3:54:29 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yeah, will be easier to let us just do it for you
    [2/27/13 3:54:39 PM] MatthewMagicMan: $20 a listing and you'll be golden
    [2/27/13 3:54:53 PM] MatthewMagicMan: For $50 I can have them do like 130+
    [2/27/13 3:55:16 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok and what about my question about using *biz name* in photos and videos and description
    [2/27/13 3:55:17 PM] Mcdonaho: $50 is ok
    [2/27/13 3:55:28 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let's do this, why don't you send me some cash for the other cities, I'll go do citations on the listings, here's what I'll do
    [2/27/13 3:55:48 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll do the major ones on 1 listing and the major/minor ones on the other listing and we'll see if they just need the major ones or if they need more
    [2/27/13 3:56:12 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so that way we don't go overboard if you don't need it. May be able to save you some money on the citations because your cities are smaller
    [2/27/13 3:56:38 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Like on *location* we'll need them all, but on like *location* and *location*, they are smaller so we'll see
    [2/27/13 3:56:57 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Here's my suggestion
    [2/27/13 3:57:07 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Do just generic names first, rank them high, get the calls coming in
    [2/27/13 3:57:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: then come back and do a 2nd round with *biz name*
    [2/27/13 3:57:58 PM] Mcdonaho: So just generic photos and videos and description Ok just point me in the way and get it done what do you need now?
    [2/27/13 3:58:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yeah, we want different photos for each listing
    [2/27/13 3:58:26 PM] MatthewMagicMan: keep them unique
    [2/27/13 3:58:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yep, any photos, if you have real photos, that's best, otherwise get some off the internet and we can retitle them
    [2/27/13 3:58:59 PM] MatthewMagicMan: description can be anything
    [2/27/13 3:59:00 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/27/13 4:03:43 PM] MatthewMagicMan: If it's easier, just send a me few bucks more per listing and I'll add it for you, that way they are "set and forget", you won't even need to touch the listings
    [2/27/13 4:03:50 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll just add it in when I confirm them
    [2/27/13 4:05:50 PM] Mcdonaho: That's fine too just just let me know the total to send you
    [2/27/13 4:06:29 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Cool
    [2/27/13 4:06:47 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Please send me the $ for the other cities (7 more)
    [2/27/13 4:07:15 PM] MatthewMagicMan: that's good for now, I'll do citations and build out of photos/videos and we can take care of that later
    [2/27/13 4:07:30 PM] Mcdonaho: 99x7 for now?
    [2/27/13 4:08:18 PM] Mcdonaho: Ill send it tonight
    [2/27/13 4:10:29 PM] MatthewMagicMan: That's good
    [2/27/13 4:10:54 PM] Mcdonaho: I noticed you still had the number forwarded to your phone do you need them still or you going to forward back
    [2/27/13 4:10:58 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll get the *location* and *location* listings built out for you with photos/videos
    [2/27/13 4:11:03 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/27/13 4:11:08 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll switch the numbers tonight :)
    [2/27/13 4:11:13 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/27/13 4:11:18 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so you start getting the calls!
    [2/27/13 4:15:56 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Gonna get some dinner, will be on later tonight
    [2/27/13 5:16:40 PM] Mcdonaho: sent a file *filename* to this group
    [2/27/13 5:18:00 PM] Mcdonaho: I google plumber *location* not getting anything showing up in top 10
    [2/27/13 7:20:38 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Back from dinner here
    [2/27/13 7:21:26 PM] MatthewMagicMan: are you going to the maps tab at the top of Google?
    [2/27/13 7:21:34 PM] MatthewMagicMan: because on page 1, they usually only show max of 7
    [2/27/13 7:24:34 PM] Mcdonaho: No I just hit more on first page and it shows the next 5
    [2/27/13 7:24:56 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ok, let me see if I can get you a screenshot of what I pulled up
    [2/27/13 7:25:46 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/27/13 7:28:49 PM] MatthewMagicMan: it's not showing me now
    [2/27/13 7:29:02 PM] MatthewMagicMan: not worried though- I'm starting citations on it so we'll be good to go
    [2/27/13 7:29:11 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/27/13 7:29:19 PM] MatthewMagicMan: very typical for new listings- usually you can't find any new listing
    [2/27/13 7:29:27 PM] Mcdonaho: How long you think before it crack first page you think for such a small town
    [2/27/13 7:29:32 PM] MatthewMagicMan: then after citations and a review and a couple other tricks and it'll be there
    [2/27/13 7:29:36 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'd say a month or less
    [2/27/13 7:29:48 PM] MatthewMagicMan: google is slow
    [2/27/13 7:30:08 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so it takes time for them to recognize all the citations, kml files, geositemaps and maps I make to it
    [2/27/13 7:30:34 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/28/13 8:38:32 AM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [2/28/13 8:38:44 AM] MatthewMagicMan: Any specific kind of photos you want showing in the listing?
    [2/28/13 8:39:08 AM] MatthewMagicMan: I'm setting them up for you, just want to know if there's anything specific you want
    [2/28/13 1:23:09 PM] Mcdonaho: Just photos of plumbing ect just load it up so it's 100% complete and some generic video or something
    [2/28/13 1:55:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Yeah, I'll do it for you
    [2/28/13 1:55:58 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll make a unique youtube video too
    [2/28/13 1:59:53 PM] Mcdonaho: K get it done soon so it will rank faster
    [2/28/13 2:00:35 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I will :-)
    [2/28/13 2:00:41 PM] Mcdonaho: Thx
    [2/28/13 2:00:45 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Please send the PayPal too, I've got your other 7 in the works
    [2/28/13 2:01:18 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/28/13 2:02:10 PM] Mcdonaho: What's your email again
    [2/28/13 2:02:59 PM] Mcdonaho: Umm ok
    [2/28/13 2:03:33 PM] Mcdonaho: Wrong person do all these listings have seperate google I'd and passwords to look at them?
    [2/28/13 2:03:40 PM] MatthewMagicMan: *paypal email*
    [2/28/13 2:03:50 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yes, they all have individual Google accounts and passwords
    [2/28/13 2:05:09 PM] Mcdonaho: Email me those Ids and passwords so I can look at them and I'll send over payment when I get that list. Also please forward twilio numbers back if your done with them. My email is *email address*
    [2/28/13 2:07:19 PM] MatthewMagicMan: The problem is, until they are fully built out by me, I don't want you logging in from a different IP
    [2/28/13 2:07:27 PM] MatthewMagicMan: have you ever used proxies?
    [2/28/13 2:07:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I can give you the logins, just don't want to mess them up
    [2/28/13 2:07:58 PM] Mcdonaho: No yesterday however it was alright for me to login and setup photos ect
    [2/28/13 2:08:53 PM] Mcdonaho: Don't plan on changing anything just need to be able to see what I'm paying for
    [2/28/13 2:09:09 PM] MatthewMagicMan: how did you login? I didn't give you the info yet?
    [2/28/13 2:09:23 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I understand, I just want the stuff I'm doing for you to stick! :)
    [2/28/13 2:09:29 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you use firefox?
    [2/28/13 2:09:50 PM] MatthewMagicMan: There's a plugin called FoxyProxy, please download that
    [2/28/13 2:10:00 PM] Mcdonaho: I didn't login but yesterday you were going to give it to me so I could login
    [2/28/13 2:10:05 PM] Mcdonaho: No IE
    [2/28/13 2:10:52 PM] MatthewMagicMan: right, I didn't send anything to you because we need you on proxies first
    [2/28/13 2:10:55 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let's get that set up now
    [2/28/13 2:11:04 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/28/13 2:11:13 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Please download FoxyProxy for Firefox
    [2/28/13 2:11:26 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [2/28/13 2:11:47 PM] Mcdonaho: I will in about 20 min almost home
    [2/28/13 2:12:26 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ok
    [2/28/13 2:12:31 PM] MatthewMagicMan: message me when you're back :)
    [2/28/13 2:12:37 PM] Mcdonaho: L
    [2/28/13 2:12:39 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [2/28/13 2:30:13 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok got it installed
    [2/28/13 2:30:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: k
    [2/28/13 2:30:29 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let's do a screen share
    [2/28/13 2:30:35 PM] MatthewMagicMan: please call me and I'll share my screen
    [2/28/13 2:31:22 PM] Mcdonaho: How do I call
    [2/28/13 2:33:43 PM] MatthewMagicMan: hit the call button in skype here
    [2/28/13 2:33:59 PM] MatthewMagicMan: oh, you're on mobile, won't show you my screen
    [2/28/13 2:34:48 PM] Mcdonaho: Downloading Mac now skype
    [2/28/13 2:37:38 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [2/28/13 2:46:42 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Call started
    [2/28/13 2:46:42 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [2/28/13 2:47:06 PM] MatthewMagicMan: weird, it's saying problem with internet connection
    [2/28/13 2:47:19 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - call dropped  9 minutes 41 seconds
    [2/28/13 2:47:24 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [2/28/13 2:47:51 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended  27 seconds
    [2/28/13 2:47:59 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let me call you, weird
    [2/28/13 2:48:03 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Call started
    [2/28/13 2:48:35 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended  23 seconds
    [2/28/13 2:48:57 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [2/28/13 2:49:12 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I can hear you
    [2/28/13 2:49:33 PM] MatthewMagicMan: took the mic off
    [2/28/13 2:50:10 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let's try this
    [2/28/13 2:50:16 PM] MatthewMagicMan: see if you can see my screen
    [2/28/13 2:50:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: what's your phone #
    [2/28/13 2:50:52 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll just walk you through this on the phone
    [2/28/13 2:51:06 PM] MatthewMagicMan: # is *phone #*
    [2/28/13 3:26:27 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended  37 minutes 31 seconds
    [3/5/13 10:27:43 PM] Mcdonaho: Hey Matt could you build me up so google reviews for my *location* google place listing. I am already first but just so I can have some for when people search they can see I am well reviewed.
    [3/6/13 2:32:53 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [3/6/13 2:33:01 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Absolutely, will start now
    [3/6/13 2:33:28 PM] MatthewMagicMan: any target # you want to get to? do you have any reviews now?
    [3/6/13 2:36:55 PM] Mcdonaho: Have none now I am already ranked number 1 when you google plumber *location* just want my listing beefed up
    [3/6/13 2:37:14 PM] Mcdonaho: Prolly 10-15 is good eh?
    [3/6/13 2:37:15 PM] MatthewMagicMan: perfect
    [3/6/13 2:37:22 PM] MatthewMagicMan: oh yeah, that is plenty
    [3/6/13 2:37:24 PM] Mcdonaho: How long does it take for them to show
    [3/6/13 2:38:12 PM] MatthewMagicMan: pretty quick, within a few days
    [3/6/13 2:38:44 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok can you just make up        Some?
    [3/6/13 2:39:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: yep
    [3/6/13 2:40:18 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok need anything to get started on those?
    [3/6/13 2:41:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: if you would, send me like $50 for the reviews, my people do them for $3-5 a piece so that will cover a good amount of them
    [3/6/13 2:41:31 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok when can they be done with them?
    [3/6/13 2:41:56 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you don't want to drip them too fast
    [3/6/13 2:42:07 PM] MatthewMagicMan: a couple a week is a good pace
    [3/6/13 2:42:35 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we can drip some on other sites too, i.e. yellow pages, helps with rankings
    [3/6/13 2:44:53 PM] Mcdonaho: So I should see them in about a week then? Ok good
    [3/6/13 2:44:55 PM] Mcdonaho: And do you think you can get my *location* listing active again or you think that one has been black flagged?
    [3/6/13 2:45:41 PM] MatthewMagicMan: probably flagged
    [3/6/13 2:45:48 PM] MatthewMagicMan: actually, definitely flagged
    [3/6/13 2:46:16 PM] Mcdonaho: Great should I just leave it alone or delete it or anythig
    [3/6/13 2:48:58 PM] MatthewMagicMan: is it in an account with anything else?
    [3/6/13 2:49:53 PM] Mcdonaho: Nope it's by itself and my *location* listing is by itself
    [3/6/13 2:55:23 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ok, just leave it then
    [3/6/13 2:55:33 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [3/6/13 10:27:08 PM] Mcdonaho: Payment sent
    [3/7/13 5:01:14 PM] Mcdonaho: *phone #* feel free to block that number for me
    [3/7/13 7:49:31 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [3/7/13 7:49:45 PM] Mcdonaho: Was up
    [3/7/13 7:49:53 PM] MatthewMagicMan: what were they selling? I believe that might be on my block list already!
    [3/7/13 7:50:46 PM] Mcdonaho: Man Idont remember they call I hear automated and I hang up they always call get ready for some numbers every time they call me
    [3/7/13 8:06:42 PM] MatthewMagicMan: perfect, we'll add them, I have a big list already
    [3/8/13 9:04:54 AM] Mcdonaho: Hey can I go ahead and forward the *location* and *location* numbers back to me?
    [3/8/13 9:05:32 AM] MatthewMagicMan: I will forward them back to you
    [3/8/13 9:05:44 AM] MatthewMagicMan: I didn't really want to until we got you setup with call tracking
    [3/8/13 9:05:46 AM] Mcdonaho: K *phone #*
    [3/8/13 9:06:02 AM] MatthewMagicMan: because Google tends to call new listing sometime
    [3/8/13 9:06:11 AM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [3/8/13 9:06:26 AM] MatthewMagicMan: and if you're not ready for it and you pick up and they are like "what is your address", you won't know what listing it is from
    [3/8/13 9:06:28 AM] MatthewMagicMan: see what I mean?
    [3/8/13 9:06:55 AM] Mcdonaho: Yea ok
    [3/8/13 10:55:56 AM] Mcdonaho: *phone #*
    Please block
    [3/11/13 9:59:54 AM] Mcdonaho: Still no listings live ?
    [3/11/13 10:00:20 AM] Mcdonaho: How's to google reviews going before Angleton?
    [3/11/13 1:36:16 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    [3/11/13 2:09:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [3/11/13 2:15:12 PM] MatthewMagicMan: You there?
    [3/11/13 2:15:24 PM] Mcdonaho: Ya
    [3/11/13 2:15:32 PM] MatthewMagicMan: How's it going?
    [3/11/13 2:15:51 PM] Mcdonaho: Alright
    [3/11/13 2:16:44 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Locations showing LIVE for me
    [3/11/13 2:16:51 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Reviews are loaded up, ready to post
    [3/11/13 2:17:18 PM] Mcdonaho: What locations are showing live
    [3/11/13 2:18:02 PM] MatthewMagicMan: *location* and *location*
    [3/11/13 2:18:22 PM] Mcdonaho: What are you googling to find them I cant
    [3/11/13 2:20:00 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Just on maps
    [3/11/13 2:27:42 PM] Mcdonaho: HOW DOW WE MAKE IT SHOW WHEN WE JUST GO TO GOOGLE AND TYPE IN *location* PLUMBER?
    [3/11/13 2:27:46 PM] Mcdonaho: STILL CAN FIND THE *location* ONE.
    [3/11/13 2:28:15 PM] MatthewMagicMan: the citations will help it show for the category, it's a new listing so it needs trust
    [3/11/13 2:28:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Do you have the domains for these?
    [3/11/13 2:31:21 PM] Mcdonaho: i cant find *location*...
    [3/11/13 2:31:38 PM] Mcdonaho: *domain*.com
    [3/11/13 2:31:39 PM] Mcdonaho: and
    [3/11/13 2:31:53 PM] Mcdonaho: *domain*.com for *location*
    [3/11/13 2:32:19 PM] MatthewMagicMan: k, we need to get those up
    [3/11/13 2:32:34 PM] Mcdonaho: ok you were going to have your team look into building them for me
    [3/11/13 2:32:58 PM] Mcdonaho: what are you searching for to find *location*?
    [3/11/13 2:33:09 PM] MatthewMagicMan: let me go back and find *location* again, was on *location*
    [3/11/13 2:33:15 PM] Mcdonaho: 10-4
    [3/11/13 2:36:32 PM] MatthewMagicMan: damn, I can't find the *location* one now
    [3/11/13 2:36:38 PM] Mcdonaho: lol
    [3/11/13 2:36:40 PM] MatthewMagicMan: was showing for *location* plumbign
    [3/11/13 2:36:41 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ahhhhh!
    [3/11/13 2:36:45 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll figure it out here
    [3/11/13 2:37:27 PM] Mcdonaho: find it?
    [3/11/13 2:39:52 PM] Mcdonaho: you there?
    [3/11/13 2:40:20 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Yep, trying to find this listing now
    [3/11/13 2:40:22 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Just had it
    [3/11/13 2:40:27 PM] MatthewMagicMan: now trying every variation to find it
    [3/11/13 2:40:30 PM] Mcdonaho: ok
    [3/11/13 2:40:38 PM] Mcdonaho: maybe it was up and down like *location* did
    [3/11/13 2:40:42 PM] MatthewMagicMan: could be
    [3/11/13 2:40:52 PM] MatthewMagicMan: if for some reason it doesn't show, I'll create a free replacement
    [3/11/13 2:40:57 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we'll get it
    [3/11/13 2:41:40 PM] Mcdonaho: ok thats the most important seems its taking the longest
    [3/11/13 2:41:44 PM] Mcdonaho: so
    [3/11/13 2:41:45 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok so your team is going to do the reviews for *location*, *location*, and *location*. Citations for *location* and *location*, and the website for *location* and *location*. Also upload photos. All of the above correct?
    [3/11/13 2:43:09 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we'll do the reviews for *location*, *location*, and *location*, citations for *location* and *location*, build out the listing itself
    [3/11/13 2:43:19 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we didn't talk about websites for the two
    [3/11/13 2:43:40 PM] MatthewMagicMan: my guys can do the site for you, $250 for the site, then we can replicate it for each area for $100 more
    [3/11/13 2:43:51 PM] Mcdonaho: ok make it happen
    [3/11/13 2:43:54 PM] MatthewMagicMan: tweak it a bit of course to match the area, the look though will be similar
    [3/11/13 2:44:09 PM] Mcdonaho: Alright well quit wasting your time talking to me and get them all going LOL :) I hope to have all of these listings 9-10 of them however many I have up by end of May.
    [3/11/13 2:44:27 PM] MatthewMagicMan: hahaha, you will, I'm on it, takes a little time but it's worth it
    [3/11/13 2:44:42 PM] Mcdonaho: ok so I need to send you $350 for the websites.
    [3/11/13 2:44:50 PM] Mcdonaho: for *location* and *location*
    [3/11/13 2:45:03 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Yes, we'll get the design rolling immediately
    [3/11/13 2:45:25 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll get your approval to make sure you like it
    [3/11/13 2:45:31 PM] Mcdonaho: ok yeah since the listing is live in *location* hopefully we can get it in top page real quick after citations, website and some photos and reviews
    [3/11/13 2:45:34 PM] Mcdonaho: ok
    [3/11/13 2:45:50 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you want to do citations for *location* too?
    [3/11/13 2:46:00 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we had just said reviews, we can do the citations too, citations are $50 per listing
    [3/11/13 2:46:11 PM] MatthewMagicMan: thought you already citations for *location*? no?
    [3/11/13 2:46:20 PM] Mcdonaho: dont care to much about it I am already ranked 1 just reviews
    [3/11/13 2:46:29 PM] Mcdonaho: never had any citations done for *location*
    [3/11/13 2:48:27 PM] Mcdonaho: ok paid and done now hopefully we can get these listings up. Appreciate the help
    [3/11/13 2:49:43 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Absolutely Mcdonaho, you're most welcome
    [3/11/13 2:49:55 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I will set up the geositemap, kml, map, etc. on your sites too
    [3/11/13 2:50:04 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so you won't have to do any of that, will be ready to go
    [3/11/13 2:50:12 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [3/11/13 2:50:21 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Because you're a good client too, I'll be giving you my virtual call center for free too
    [3/11/13 2:50:27 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ($1000 coding value)
    [3/11/13 2:50:28 PM] MatthewMagicMan: :)
    [3/11/13 2:50:41 PM] Mcdonaho: What's that
    [3/11/13 2:50:44 PM] MatthewMagicMan: will manage all your twilio #'s, you'll be able to see call stats, etc. :)
    [3/11/13 2:50:54 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [3/11/13 2:50:57 PM] MatthewMagicMan: a whole admin setup we made for twilio
    [3/11/13 2:51:21 PM] MatthewMagicMan: automatically pulls in all your #'s, shows you which is for which listing, shows calls by day, call durations, which listing is performing best
    [3/11/13 2:51:23 PM] Mcdonaho: After how long do you keep the number going to you waiting for google to call before you send it back to me
    [3/11/13 2:51:28 PM] MatthewMagicMan: automatically filters out telemarketers, etc.
    [3/11/13 2:51:38 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [3/11/13 2:51:42 PM] MatthewMagicMan: well, I kept it this way because I wanted to get you set up with the call tracking
    [3/11/13 2:51:54 PM] MatthewMagicMan: because if it's forwarded to your main # and Google calls, you wouldn't know
    [3/11/13 2:52:18 PM] MatthewMagicMan: the Indian man may say "What is your address" and you wouldn't know the address off the top of your head
    [3/11/13 2:52:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: therefore it's like "crap"!
    [3/11/13 2:52:38 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so let's set up your call center that I'm giving to you :-)
    [3/11/13 2:52:52 PM] MatthewMagicMan: do you have hosting for these domains? We can put the call tracking on there
    [3/11/13 2:54:34 PM] Mcdonaho: All I have done is bought the domain name thru go daddy
    [3/11/13 2:54:49 PM] MatthewMagicMan: ok, where are your other sites hosted?
    [3/11/13 2:55:10 PM] Mcdonaho: Only have one and web.com handles it
    [3/11/13 2:58:09 PM] Mcdonaho: They create and manage my *domain*.com site
    [3/11/13 3:01:45 PM] MatthewMagicMan: hmmmm, ok
    [3/11/13 8:43:28 PM] Mcdonaho: so who do you recommend or can you team setup hosting
    [3/11/13 9:09:46 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Yep, we'll help you with that
    [3/11/13 9:10:12 PM] Mcdonaho: ok well balls all in your court let me know if you need something
    [3/11/13 9:10:51 PM] MatthewMagicMan: will do :)
    [3/13/13 7:46:01 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho!
    [3/13/13 7:52:05 PM] MatthewMagicMan: You around?
    [3/13/13 8:06:21 PM] Mcdonaho: What's up
    [3/13/13 8:07:07 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Got it figured out! Was working in your twilio account
    [3/13/13 8:07:17 PM] Mcdonaho: Cool
    [3/13/13 8:07:23 PM] MatthewMagicMan: was confused on a #, but realized you have other Twilio #'s for your other stuff
    [3/13/13 8:07:31 PM] MatthewMagicMan: We need to set up the call tracking for you!
    [3/13/13 8:07:36 PM] MatthewMagicMan: so you keep all these straight :-)
    [3/13/13 8:07:56 PM] Mcdonaho: Yea I brought all my numbers except 1
    [3/13/13 8:07:58 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [3/13/13 8:08:28 PM] Mcdonaho: How we go about doing that
    [3/13/13 8:08:56 PM] MatthewMagicMan: did you port them over? or you were using twilio before?
    [3/13/13 8:09:07 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I'll get my guy on it for you, we'll put it together
    [3/13/13 8:13:00 PM] Mcdonaho: I ported them from vonage
    [3/13/13 8:13:25 PM] MatthewMagicMan: cool!
    [3/13/13 8:13:30 PM] MatthewMagicMan: this will be WAY better
    [3/13/13 8:13:34 PM] MatthewMagicMan: and much cheaper!
    [3/13/13 8:13:40 PM] Mcdonaho: hope so
    [3/13/13 8:14:07 PM] MatthewMagicMan: it will be
    [3/13/13 8:14:18 PM] Mcdonaho: ok any news on that *location* did it pop back up
    [3/13/13 8:15:04 PM] MatthewMagicMan: haven't checked here today, been busy on the other locations
    [3/13/13 8:15:13 PM] Mcdonaho: 10-4
    [3/13/13 8:15:14 PM] MatthewMagicMan: figured give it some time, if it doesn't come around I'll redo it
    [3/13/13 8:15:17 PM] Mcdonaho: ok
    [3/13/13 8:15:58 PM] Mcdonaho: need anything else bought to watch life of pi....
    [3/13/13 8:16:11 PM] Mcdonaho: about
    [3/13/13 8:16:24 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Good to go!
    [3/13/13 8:16:26 PM] Mcdonaho: thx
    [3/13/13 8:16:38 PM] MatthewMagicMan: welcome
    [3/13/13 8:17:28 PM] Mcdonaho: did they get a couple reviews posted for *location*?
    [3/13/13 8:18:49 PM] MatthewMagicMan: they're in the queue, should post soon :-)
    [3/13/13 8:18:53 PM] Mcdonaho: ok thanks
    [3/13/13 8:18:56 PM] MatthewMagicMan: you bet
    [3/13/13 9:10:39 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey, you still there?
    [3/13/13 9:10:53 PM] Mcdonaho: Ya
    [3/13/13 9:11:06 PM] MatthewMagicMan: What's the *location* address? it's not shown on your places, is it: *address*
    [3/13/13 9:11:20 PM] Mcdonaho: Yea
    [3/13/13 9:11:23 PM] MatthewMagicMan: k
    [3/13/13 9:11:26 PM] MatthewMagicMan: that's all I needed :)
    [3/13/13 9:11:28 PM] MatthewMagicMan: thanks!
    [3/13/13 9:11:30 PM] Mcdonaho: K
    [3/19/13 1:30:07 PM] Mcdonaho: How's it all going
    [3/19/13 1:31:51 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [3/19/13 1:31:52 PM] MatthewMagicMan: good!
    [3/19/13 1:31:55 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Just working
    [3/19/13 1:32:32 PM] Mcdonaho: Just curious how everything's going
    [3/19/13 1:37:02 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Going good, just taking some time
    [3/19/13 2:42:08 PM] Mcdonaho: I see
    [3/21/13 1:40:14 PM] Mcdonaho: So how's everything. I'm not seeing any change in *location* listing no photos or anything  no reviews on *location* listing and nothing on *location*.  Are the website created? Are the others created?
    [3/21/13 1:41:36 PM] MatthewMagicMan: Hey Mcdonaho
    [3/21/13 1:41:43 PM] MatthewMagicMan: I've got all the other listings in the works
    [3/21/13 1:42:05 PM] MatthewMagicMan: My guy is creating the site now, then when that's done, I'll build out the listing and add the site at the same time to it
    [3/21/13 1:42:17 PM] MatthewMagicMan: reviews are set, they'll be dripping any day now
    [3/21/13 2:41:09 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [3/21/13 2:41:39 PM] MatthewMagicMan: we have a system for posting the reviews, we load them in and they post from different IP's so they stick
    [3/21/13 2:41:46 PM] Mcdonaho: Ok
    [5/21/13 8:40:12 AM] Mcdonaho: Hey
    [5/21/13 7:27:27 PM] Mcdonaho: Hey
    [5/22/13 4:57:51 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [5/22/13 4:57:55 PM] Mcdonaho: You there
    [5/23/13 8:44:37 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt......
    [5/23/13 8:46:55 AM] Mcdonaho: 3 weeks no contact I guess I'll file my claim
    [5/23/13 9:14:20 AM] Mcdonaho: (facepalm)
    [5/23/13 9:39:30 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [5/24/13 7:03:10 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt will you answer me alrwady
    [5/25/13 2:38:26 PM] Mcdonaho: Hello
    [5/25/13 2:38:46 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [5/25/13 2:38:49 PM] Mcdonaho: You ther
    [5/25/13 2:38:59 PM] Mcdonaho: e
    [5/25/13 2:39:01 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    [5/25/13 3:53:37 PM] Mcdonaho: Great..
    [5/25/13 3:53:42 PM] Mcdonaho: (envy)
    [5/25/13 8:22:41 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [5/25/13 8:22:41 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [5/25/13 8:24:14 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [5/25/13 8:24:14 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [5/25/13 8:24:44 PM] Mcdonaho: at least send me my spreadsheet of what you have done and the username and passwords to access the google places accounts for each one and I will leave you alone.
    [5/27/13 9:47:52 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt are you there?
    [5/29/13 12:56:06 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt hello
    [5/29/13 12:57:55 PM] Mcdonaho: What's going on man I need to know how the listing going
    [5/29/13 12:59:46 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    [5/29/13 1:00:24 PM] Mcdonaho: Why you ignoring me?
    [5/29/13 1:00:54 PM] Mcdonaho: If your done helping me that's all good just give me my listing info so I can work on the listings that you have done
    [5/29/13 1:03:30 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    [5/29/13 3:34:59 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [5/30/13 8:10:24 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [5/31/13 10:09:41 AM] Mcdonaho: Mayt
    [5/31/13 10:09:44 AM] Mcdonaho: You there
    [5/31/13 5:14:29 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/1/13 11:41:07 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/1/13 11:43:15 AM] Mcdonaho: Hello
    [6/4/13 11:37:24 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/4/13 12:31:36 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/4/13 2:13:20 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/4/13 9:21:00 PM] Mcdonaho: MATT
    [6/4/13 9:22:02 PM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [6/4/13 9:22:02 PM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [6/4/13 9:22:17 PM] Mcdonaho: Will you email me my google login info
    [6/4/13 9:23:26 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    [6/5/13 7:15:59 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/5/13 7:16:02 PM] Mcdonaho: You there
    [6/6/13 3:02:39 PM] Mcdonaho: Hey
    [6/7/13 9:15:55 AM] Mcdonaho: Hey mayy
    [6/7/13 9:24:18 AM] Mcdonaho: You there?
    [6/10/13 8:31:47 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt
    [6/10/13 8:32:12 AM] Mcdonaho: Please send me my google logins I can take it from there. Send me spreadsheet
    [6/11/13 1:57:45 PM] Mcdonaho: MAtt hello
    [6/11/13 1:57:55 PM] Mcdonaho: Natt
    [6/12/13 6:30:21 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt please send me the logins for  *location* and *location* as they are live I want to build them out
    [6/25/13 6:53:44 PM] Mcdonaho: Matt please send me the logins for  *location* and *location* as they are live I want to build them out
    [6/25/13 6:53:50 PM] Mcdonaho: *email*
    [6/25/13 6:54:57 PM] Mcdonaho: can you please send them?
    [6/25/13 6:55:00 PM] Mcdonaho: You there?
    [6/27/13 9:37:03 AM] Mcdonaho: matt
    [6/27/13 9:42:44 AM] Mcdonaho: matt
    [6/27/13 9:44:02 AM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [6/27/13 9:44:02 AM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [6/27/13 9:52:53 AM] Mcdonaho: matt
    [6/27/13 10:07:37 AM] Mcdonaho: MATT
    [6/27/13 10:48:48 AM] Mcdonaho: Call started
    [6/27/13 10:48:48 AM] Mcdonaho: Call ended - no answer
    [6/27/13 11:09:44 AM] Mcdonaho: Matt why are you ignoring me.?
    [6/27/13 3:20:33 PM] Mcdonaho: ?
    Now... Mcdonaho, next time you send stuff like this, you make sure that YOU take the personal info off so I don't have to, ok?

    MatthewMagicMan PM'd - and as of right now he has 48 hours to respond with his side of what's going on.

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    MatthewMagicMan signed in yesterday and has had sufficient time to address this issue - and has chosen not to.

    MatthewMagicMan perma-banned.

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